Online Trading Academy Recognizes Top Female Instructors Who Encourage Building Confidence in Money Management

Three female finance experts from the global trading academy encourage women to seek education to build the confidence to manage their assets

Irvine, CA, March 7, 2014 - Online Trading Academy recognized the top female instructors as prime examples as to why more women should take action to get a financial education. Adult females in the U.S. are expected to grow from controlling $14 trillion in assets in 2013 to $22 trillion in 2020, yet only 26 percent of women feel comfortable making their own investment decisions. According to observations from instructors at Online Trading Academy, women inherently have the ability to “leave their ego at the door” and handle money and trading without allowing emotions to hamper their judgment.

Debbie Hague, Instructor for Online Trading Academy, is one of the leading Futures and Forex educators for the global trading and investing academy. Before becoming an Online Trading Academy instructor, she took advantage of every opportunity she had to learn about trading and investing. Hague encourages other women to take the first step into financial education by registering for a Free Half-Day Class at Online Trading Academy.

“I have always had a strong sense of determination and hard work ethic. These characteristics have helped me stick to my trading and investing plans, which is essential for success in the market,” said Hague. “I went from working three jobs when I was a single mom, to traveling around the world doing what I love, trading and teaching for Online Trading Academy.”

Diana Hill, Real Estate Investment Instructor for Online Trading Academy, has been accumulating real estate investment acumen since she was 17-years-old. Her goal as the Real Estate Investment Instructor, is to help others make smarter investing decisions.

“The key to succeeding in the real estate market is to have the patience to buy and hold with a concrete plan,” said Hill.

Online Trading Academy instructor, Jasmine Wang, began her trading and investing career as a student at Online Trading Academy, where she was quickly recognized as a trader to follow. Wang joined the Extended Learning Track (XLT) and was closely mentored by Sam Seiden, Chief Education Officer, to support her continued success.

“After I had the knowledge to succeed in the Futures and Forex markets, the first thing I did was come back to Online Trading Academy and pass on the information that has allowed to me grow,” said Wang. “When hard work is applied, there is nothing that women cannot do.”

Hague, Hill, and Wang have worked hard to become leaders in their field. They realized that the finance industry is the perfect place to employ their talents and create long term wealth for themselves and help other investors take control over their financial future.

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