Online Trading Academy Raises the Bar with New Mastery Level Course

All Asset Mastery XLT Recognizes Elite and Accomplished Traders

Irvine, CA, December 15, 2011 - “In every field,” says Steve Albin, “there is a level of excellence that rises above the rest. Now we’re giving serious traders the same recognition with our All Asset Mastery Extended Learning Track.”

Albin is Vice President of Operations at Online Trading Academy and intimately involved with the Extended Learning Track curriculum, XLT for short, in which students share a virtual desktop with a master trader who analyzes opportunities and makes trades in real time. To qualify for the new All Asset Mastery XLT, he explains, students must complete three previous XLT courses to demonstrate their prowess.

“This course truly will bring together the cream of the crop. No rookie questions, just experienced peers you can learn from. And because it covers stocks, options, currencies and futures instead of just one of these asset classes, the chances of finding a good trade are increased exponentially. If stocks are flat, we might take a look at e-mini futures, for example.”

Students in the new program will also have the opportunity to gain recognition in Power Trader Nation, the new online community which is independent but sponsored by Online Trading Academy. They will automatically be granted admittance to the Mastermind Community, an elite group with an all-day trading room, private market outlooks and other benefits.

As with other XLT courses, the new All Asset Mastery Extended Learning Track can be purchased as a one-time, twelve-week course or with lifetime retakes. Online Trading Academy is also offering bundled pricing for a limited time so students who are short some of the prerequisites can fulfill their requirements and enroll in the All Asset Class XLT at the same time and on a discounted basis.

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