Online Trading Academy Graduates Acquire New York and New Jersey Campuses

Graduates and Online Trading Academy Philadelphia owners Steven Alexeev and Leila Wilson take on two additional Financial Education Centers.

New York, NY, April 26, 2011 - Online Trading Academy announces that the owners of the Online Trading Academy Philadelphia campus have acquired both New York and New Jersey campuses. The owners, a husband and wife team Steven Alexeev and Leila Wilson, currently run the Philadelphia campus and have been for the last three years.

Previously a rocket scientist, Alexeev was born and raised in Russia, where he met his wife. They migrated to the United States where they started a life of entrepreneurship in New York, where they built and managed a medical billing service company which they ran for many years before becoming Online Trading Academy students and eventually franchise owners.

Alexeev, an Online Trading Academy graduate, has a great interest in trading and has been practicing it at home for the past seven years. Alexeev and Wilson hope they can pass on their motto of trading to the New York and New Jersey students and prospective students.

“Trading is a skill - like driving.” Wilson says. “Once you learn how to do it properly it becomes second nature and a part of life”.

Online Trading Academy New York and New Jersey have a strong following and a wide variety of students. Individual investors as well as brokers, advisors and Wall Street executives are encouraged to enroll in courses in order to improve their skills and their personal finances. The class sizes are small; limited to twenty seats per class, so the discussions are intimate and the content can be more deeply rooted.

Alexeev and Wilson are excited to expand the reach of their message and influence into these two new locations and are eager to get more people involved. Their hands-on approach will bring a valuable learning experience to both financial education centers.

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