Nation's Top Financial Educators To Conduct Free Half-Day Classes in Detroit

Grand Opening to Feature Free Half-Day Classes

Southfield, MI, March 25, 2008 - The newest, and one of the largest of twenty worldwide financial training centers, will hold their grand opening events on May 8, 9 and 10. Online Trading Academy, headquartered in Irvine, California, began teaching trading ten years ago. Detroit area native Mike Siewruk, a successful serial entrepreneur, will run the center.

Online Trading Academy launched a unique series of courses for people looking to take control of their own financial futures. Taught by live instructors, students learn by executing real trades—with the company’s money. Repeat and referral rates at other Online Trading Academy sites have been extremely high. Several franchise owners have opted to open multiple locations, as well.

Why Detroit?

Siewruk, born and raised in the Detroit area, moved back after living in the South. After selling off two businesses, he retired and set out to learn trading. Nine years later and bored of trading from his home office, Siewruk responded to an ad in the “Wall Street Journal”. After checking out the Online Trading Academy courses, he felt the material was far superior to the many products he had used to educate himself as a trader. The major difference involved Online Trading Academy’s vision and purpose—to transform lives by empowering people financially. Siewruk liked the company’s commitment to making people successful. After spending $50,000 learning to trade the hard way, he smiles at the chance to shorten both the learning curve and the cost for others.

“So many displaced auto industry workers need to manage the rest of their lives on those early retirement packages. I couldn’t think of a better thing to do than help them out,” remarked Siewruk. “I could have taken a more affluent territory, but Detroit is my hometown and needed the help.”

Small Players Make Big Impact

Why learn the skill? “In uncertain economic times, when people’s savings decline, learning to trade can save you from being at the effect of the market. You’re managing your own money without taking big losses, and learning how to make predictable gains. The average return on a mutual fund is low. Learning how to trade is about learning how to get cash flow out of the market – without significant risk,” offered Siewruk.

Bringing in the ‘Big Guns’

The Detroit area launch is ambitious, admits Siewruk, with more space, more staff and more marketing than other Online Trading Academy locations. He has already hired fourteen employees, and chose a location with room to expand. Online Trading Academy’s Chief Knowledge Officer, John O’Donnell, will conduct Free Half-Day Classes on May 8, 9 and 10. O’Donnell has been interviewed extensively in financial media, including CNBC, CNN, Fox Business Channel, Marketwatch, “The Wall Street Journal”, “Barron’s”, “Investor’s Business Daily”, “Equities”, etc. To reserve a place at one of the free classes, call: 248-415-6123. For more information, visit

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