E*TRADE FINANCIAL Organizes the Largest Trading Conference in the Middle East

Originally published on www.ameinfo.com, March 8, 2005.

E*TRADE FINANCIAL announces that 1,000 delegates are registered for its upcoming conference 'Practical Skills for Active Traders on the U.S. Markets' making it the largest trading conference in the Middle East. United Arab Emirates: Tuesday, March 08 - 2005 at 17:17

The conference will be held March 10th at Emirates Towers Hotel.

The powerful line-up of educational presentations from leading experts in the U.S. and Middle East are designed to deal with topics traders have indicated interest. The E*TRADE FINANCIAL Conference will cover bear market trading strategies, short-term trading, swing trading, options trading, and tools for active traders.

Adnan Al-Delaimi, Deputy Manager, Arab2Invest, Conference Organizers said:'We are very excited and encouraged about the huge interest generated by the E*TRADE FINANCIAL online trading conference. This forum is the first of its kind to be organized in the ME with E*TRADE; the top-rated online broker, Online Trading Academy; the number one online training and education, Optionetics; the largest education provider in options trading, in the US equity markets, and ourselves, Arab2Invest, as the ME leading online trading marketing and public relations services provider. We are honored to be part of this historic event in the making and confident that the momentum will be sustained and grown upwardly for a long time to come.'

E*TRADE FINANCIAL announces a new presenter, Mr. John O'Donnell to its list of expert speakers. In addition to the dynamic presentations, there will feature a live trading session on the U.S. markets at 7.30 p.m.

Mr. John O'Donnell (Chief Knowledge Officer of Online Trading Academy) will present 'Is the Bear Market Over?'

Mr. Mohab Nabil (Member, International Technical Analysts Society) will present 'Professional Strategies for Short-term and Swing Trading'

Mr. Kevin Lund (Options Strategies at Optionetics) will present 'Master Strategy for Options Trading'

Mr. Salim Sebbata (Head of U.S. Retail Sales in Europe and Middle East at E*TRADE FINANCIAL) will present 'Tools of the Trade'

Admission to the E*TRADE FINANCIAL conference is free.

Free Class