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Vishal Subandh has been trading the Indian and Global Markets since 2008. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Engineering and Masters in Finance (United Kingdom, London) degrees. He has prior worked with leading investment banks like ING Bank (Europe, Amsterdam) and Credit Suisse in the fields of trading and risk management. He quit his job in 2010 to become a full time professional trader after joining Online Trading Academy. Within three years of hard work and dedication, his passion towards trading led him to become an Instructor and senior trading mentor at Online Trading Academy. Vishal specializes in trading equities, futures, options, commodities and currencies markets. To become a successful trader one has to abide by a simple strategy and follow a rules based approach and that is his main focus when delivering a class to students.


  • B.E Computer Engineering(University of  Pune)
  • MSc Finance and Management(Cranfield School of Management, London)
  • Senior Analyst at Credit Suisse
  • Project Manager at ING Bank Amsterdam


  • Indian Markets


  • Graduate Programs - India
  • Options
  • Stocks


  • NCFM and AMFI Certified


Mumbai, India

What Students Are Saying

“I did not know much about forex market earlier. Vishal has explained concepts nicely and made us learn from very basic concept to advanced concepts. I enriched my knowledge. Vishal is a very nice and intelligent instructor who provides real life examples according to the required situation.”

, November 2017

“Excellent learning sessions with lots of insight. This will definitely help us to go ahead in future as a successful trader.”

, November 2017

“Vishal is an excellent teacher who teaches even the toughest subject very lucidly. The course is very easy to understand and practical. I feel everyone who is a trader must do this course to fulfill his or her ambitions.”

, August 2017

“Mr. Vishal, who is lead instructor here at OTA Mumbai, really made understanding core principles of supply and demand a cake walk for me. He assured that Rule based trading is the ultimate solution to become a successful trader. On right times, he shared his experience and anecdotes with class so that everybody learned through various analogies. Really appreciate his positive attitude & efforts.”

, August 2017

“Vishal is a very good instructor. He is firm with the discipline but at the same time goes the extra mile and repeats the topic again and again if any student has not understood or has some doubts over the subject ....I saw it when he took the trade session again when he felt that some students had not yet fully grasped the topic.”

, August 2017

“Vishal Subandh was very comfortable in presenting the topics with great communication skills and reaching out to the students' levels at all times. His hold on the topics was excellent with illustrations of practical demonstrations of live trades during the course. His management of topics with time was excellent.”

, June 2017

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