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Tom Jenkins developed an acute awareness of supply, demand and how to find value through his career as a business owner. He became interested in the financial markets after watching so many people struggle through the 2008 recession. He sought out professional training, and ultimately became an Online Trading Academy Instructor.

In class, Tom shares his lifetime of buying and selling to help students connect their everyday experiences with a simple market plan. He focuses on risk management, capital preservation and the importance of preparation and following a rules-based trading plan.

As a full-time futures trader, Tom enjoys the freedom and independence that a successful life in trading affords. He is generous in sharing his perspective outside of class as well, through his contribution to the OTA Mastermind community.


  • Owned and operated a successful automotive business for 30 years
  • Private Equity Investor
  • Professional futures trader since 2014


  • US Markets


  • Stocks


  • Member, Mastermind Community
  • Co-Hosted MM Clubhouse Wisconsin Traders Edge
  • Dean of Men, Royal Family KIDS Camp


Wisconsin, USA

What Students Are Saying

“This experience can be life changing for those that are willing to put in the work. I'm looking forward to furthering education with OTA, and will recommend it to friends and family. Tom is an excellent instructor. Great personality and presentation skills. His knowledge of the material made it possible to feel that I've gained a solid understanding of the Core Strategy.”

, August 2019

“I came into the week knowing almost nothing about trading, but throughout the week, Tom, our instructor, was very good about catering to every style of learning, super enthused about the topic, and made sure everyone understood what was going on. Even if you are retaking the class, you will always learn new things. The class is definitely worth the time and money for the education you get out of it. ”

, August 2019

“The instructor Tom Jenkins did an outstanding job explaining things. The use of visual aids and drawings on the charts made things much clearer bringing out the details.”

, July 2019

“Online Trading Academy Core Strategy class was wonderful. The information that was given made trading that much easier. The way that the instructor broke each of the six steps down was phenomenal. I have a hard time choosing which one I enjoyed the best, the Core Strategy program, or the instructor, Tom Jenkins.”

, July 2019

“I have been teaching for more than two decades but in a different field and can confirm Tom is really a good Teacher. He is friendly, polite, patient (although he confessed he was not the most patient person), knows his stuff and how to deliver it to a novice with a lot of passion. Prior to this class I was intimidated by the amount of information I was told I had to cover in this course in just a week but Tom succeeded in making me confident by the third day of the class. He paid attention to me and almost everyone in the class including Patrick who needed help with hearing. Please record Tom's teaching for other students to learn from.”

, July 2019

“Great. Instructor Tom Jenkins is on top of his game. He is a good teacher. He brought a lot of context to his teaching which is an eye-opening moment.”

, July 2019

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