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Tom Jenkins developed an acute awareness of supply, demand and how to find value through his career as a business owner. He became interested in the financial markets after watching so many people struggle through the 2008 recession. He sought out professional training, and ultimately became an Online Trading Academy Instructor.

In class, Tom shares his lifetime of buying and selling to help students connect their everyday experiences with a simple market plan. He focuses on risk management, capital preservation and the importance of preparation and following a rules-based trading plan.

As a full-time futures trader, Tom enjoys the freedom and independence that a successful life in trading affords. He is generous in sharing his perspective outside of class as well, through his contribution to the OTA Mastermind community.


  • Owned and operated a successful automotive business for 30 years
  • Private Equity Investor
  • Professional futures trader since 2014


  • US Markets


  • Stocks


  • Member, Mastermind Community
  • Co-Hosted MM Clubhouse Wisconsin Traders Edge
  • Dean of Men, Royal Family KIDS Camp


Wisconsin, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Excellent class, good teaching material, methodical and superb instructor. I learned a lot and got a clear understanding of the Core Strategy concepts. Tom Jenkins was an amazing instructor. He has a good teaching style and is easy to understand. I valued his recommendations and insights taken from his own journey as a trader. He shared mistakes he had made along the way, something I think was helpful to the class.”

, June 2019

“Tom was a awesome instructor he helped me so much. I don't have an financial background so I was really nervous and he made me feel totally at ease. Thank you!”

, May 2019

“Tom Jenkins was exceptional. He reassured the class to believe in ourselves and the structure of the strategy. Tom took the time to answer any and all questions. I am definitely thankful for him.”

, April 2019

“Tom made learning fun and you could see the passion he brings to the classroom. They do a great job of bringing everyone along on their trading journey.”

, April 2019

“Tom Jenkins was a fantastic instructor with the fact that he came from a student's perspective. He was able to impart a lot of personal experience with his training experience. He was always willing to stop the class to show everyone important things he saw going on in the class.”

, January 2019

“Really loved the instructor's high energy level.”

, January 2019

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