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Todd McClean started investing after college, and was successful in speculative real estate. Then came the crash of 2008. He learned that a supply and demand strategy—buying things when they are cheap, and selling when they become expensive—applies to investing just as it does to everything else in life. This experience led him to become a student of, then an Instructor at Online Trading Academy.

Todd has a college degree in psychology and professional training as a systems analyst. His background gives him a methodical perspective on trading and investing. He believes that successful investing means adopting a rules-based investing strategy and sticking to it, and that the biggest psychological challenge is getting out of your own way and following the rules.

Todd tells his students that it’s never too late to start achieving your dreams, even if you have made mistakes in the past. Keep things simple, and follow your plan. He also reminds them that trading with the proper perspective is recession-proof because there is always an opportunity somewhere.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Western Carolina University, NC
  • Software Developer & Senior Analyst, health care industry
  • Real estate investor and developer
  • OTA Education Counselor


  • US Markets


  • Stocks
  • Trading Platforms


  • Mastermind Community Member
  • Focused on health and family
  • Taught his daughter how to trade
  • Car enthusiast who recently sold his immaculate F100 Ford pickup


California, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Todd was very knowledgeable in every way. He truly cares about his students so that when we are on our own we can do this new skill called online trading confidently.”

, June 2019

“I was very appreciative of the energy that Todd put into teaching and explaining the different aspects of Core Strategy.”

, June 2019

“Great in all areas. His knowledge is vast and deep. Breaking it down and keeping it simple for us was easy. Sometimes, while giving us the answer to the question, he would take us past the answer and then tie it into what we were doing. It kept the class engaged.”

, June 2019

“Todd taught me the 6 steps of scoring before I place an order. Todd taught me to consider previous trades for future price turns. Todd works on individual skills, ask questions and makes us trade live, I am excited about it. Todd is well organized instructor I think he will have an impact on my future trading.”

, June 2019

“Todd exhibited an expert knowledge of the core strategy. He made the learning material easy to understand by providing real life comparisons. He was very engaging and kept us interested and motivated. This learning experience exceeded all expectations. The support staff were always friendly and supportive. The food and facilities were A+.”

, June 2019

“Instructor has the ability to relate trading to real life scenarios”

, May 2019

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