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Taylor Frame's attraction to the financial markets came from the recent demise of the commercial real estate markets in Atlanta, GA. Understanding that success in the financial markets is driven by skill, and that market direction is irrelevant when you can trade both sides was the driving force in his choice of education and interaction with the markets. He began with Online Trading Academy as an equities student in 2010. He quickly decided that the futures market and the Futures XLT would be his haven.

Since his trading career began, he has found a home at the Atlanta campus as the dedicated Student Support, manning a hotline for students. This position has allowed Taylor to both grow his own trading acumen into other markets, as well as having daily interactions with students allowing him to hone his abilities as an Instructor. Currently, he trades both futures and Forex and he is learning the options markets as well.


  • Risk Management and Insurance, University of Georgia
  • Commercial Real Estate broker
  • Development Services with Alliance Real Estate Services - commercial real estate land development and mixed use projects
  • Georgia Real Estate License - current


  • US Markets


  • Stocks
  • Trading Platforms


  • Online Trading Academy Graduate
  • Power Trading Show Co-Host with Adam Matisko
  • Director of Student Support - Atlanta


Georgia, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Taylor Frame is an outstanding instructor that clearly knows all trading material presented and possesses the professional ability and teaching skills to communication the most complex information in a manner that all students can understand. He is truly a professional, with great qualities and attributes to gain and retain the interest of students while providing effective teaching; evidenced by student performance and their desire to continually seek his insight on trading aspects.”

, May 2019

“Taylor is clearly very knowledgeable about trading and the trading platforms we used in class. Given the tremendous gap between his knowledge and ours, it's impressive that he didn't become frustrated with some of the questions that came through. I thought Taylor's presentation style was very engaging. He worked through the material in a thorough manner and then added in useful examples to better illustrate key concepts. I thought that the back-dated chart examples were very valuable -- seeing real-world examples provides context and proof of concept. It was easy to listen to Taylor present, and I thought he did a really good job of bringing the key concepts together. By the end of the week he even told jokes that made us laugh!”

, May 2019

“Class was great. Taylor Frame answered all my questions without making me ever feel less than. Very inspiring teacher he is, to everyone in the class. It's nice to know student support and coaches all started where my wife and I are at. Would love to learn more from Taylor in the future.”

, April 2019

“The instructor's patience with the classes varied levels of knowledge and experience was exception. I also appreciated his ability to use multiple methods/explanations to get the point across. ”

, April 2019

“I think this class is a must for anyone getting into trading! Understanding what to look at and how to understand the market is the main focus of this class. I believe that you should not get into the market until you take this class. Set up your goals before you move to the next class, it will keep you focused and you wont feel so overwhelmed. Mr. Frame was excellent in instructing this class. When you take this class you must wait for him to teach the class! James W. Stewart Jr. Certified Financial Educator Instructor”

, March 2019

“Taylor kept it interesting, fun, challenging, and relevant. Loved the course overall.”

, March 2019

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