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Sunil Mangwani had a construction business before he discovered trading. He liked the fact that trading gave him the opportunity to work his own hours, be independent and have the potential for financial success. It’s a bonus that each day is a new challenge, making the profession of trading exciting and rewarding.

Through a variety of positions as a teacher and advisor to trader, Sunil has remained focused on just one asset class: the currencies. He believes, just as with a business, applying the correct rules and discipline can lead to rewards. He uses the metaphor of a marathon runner—if you can pace yourself and put in the correct effort over time, then the sky is the limit in what you can accomplish.

As an Online Trading Academy Instructor, Sunil's goal is to break down proven methods into simple and easy to follow steps. He knows what works and how to avoid mistakes based on long experience, and his seasoned perspective is highly advantageous for new traders.


  • Bachelor of Science, Fergusson College; Postgraduate diploma in Financial Management, Symbiosis Institute 
  • Instructor and education director, New York
  • Designer of Forex Courses, Options University (Florida) and Fibforex123 (India)
  • Consultant for currency futures at Multi Commodity Exchange – MCX (India) 
  • Founding Member, London School of Financial Trading


  • US Markets


  • Forex


  • Best speaker award - FXstreet International Traders Conference - Barcelona Oct 2008 
  • Best foreign presentation – Moscow Forex Expo – April 2013 
  • Best presentation – World Money Show London - Nov 2013 
  • Published in FXStreet, Trading-Journal, Forex-Journal, ADVFN and Your Trading Edge 
  • Interviewed in “Traders” magazine, September 2011


Pune, India

What Students Are Saying

“Sunil provided a great 1st experience with the Forex market. I wasn't sure I would be able to keep up, but he presented in a manner that we could follow and build on. I feel much more confident to start my demo trades and be successful to go on to live trades.”

, January 2019

“Sunil provides the best technical, rules-based and easier to follow approach to trading I've seen.”

, January 2019

“The best Forex, or for that matter Trading class, I've taken; and I've taken many. Instructor showed a very clear and precise path to profitability and how to avoid typical trading mistakes, especially the ones I was making.”

, January 2019

“Sunil was awesome! Material was presented clearly and in a logical progression that kept building the trade process while explaining the "HOW" & "WHY" along the way.”

, October 2018

“Sunil is a very knowledgeable and skilled forex instructor. I got lots of valuable information from him that was not part of the written materials. ”

, September 2018

“Sunil is a great instructor and brings to the class his years of Forex Trading experience along with an in-depth application of the OTA Core Strategy. This is a retake for me and he has cleared up many trading issues and problems I have been having in using and applying the OTA Core Strategy to Forex. I leave this class more confident in my ability and capability to become a profitable Forex Trader.”

, September 2018

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