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Sue O’Grady developed a love of sharing knowledge during 25 years in the Navy, where she taught a variety of electronics courses. After retiring, she became fascinated with the financial world through running a family business and later while working for a brokerage. Today, she puts the two passions together as an Online Trading Academy Instructor.

Sue’s favorite asset class is options, where her rules are never to sell a put unless she’s willing to own the stock and never sell a call unless she’s willing to sell the stock. She also uses options as a way to decrease the capital required to make a trade. In her classes, she shows students how they can develop the discipline and confidence to set a similar plan and follow it when trading any asset class.

Sue came to OTA in 2014 because she was attracted by the community and support as well as the superior investing strategy. She says seeing a student’s light bulb turn on when they understand a concept is the greatest feeling in the world.


  • B.S. Information Systems, National University
  • MBA, University of Phoenix
  • Taught Air Search Radar and other courses for U.S. Navy & achieved Master Training Specialist designation
  • Owner, family commercial embroidery business
  • Financial Adviser, Edward Jones Brokerage, USAA, and Merrill Edge
  • Student support, OTA Phoenix


  • US Markets


  • Options


  • Former insurance agent certified in Life and Health
  • CPRC (Certified Retirement Planning Consultant), expired
  • Former Certified Wealth Strategist


Arizona, USA

What Students Are Saying

“I came into the class with a perception that options trading was complex and hard to understand. Sue did an excellent job in making the concepts crystal clear and focusing on the most important things for the beginner to start with. I so appreciate that and feel great about my chances at becoming a really successful options trader. Thank you.”

, November 2019

“I am a repeat student and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed this class more than any other. I am treated the same as new students. The instructor was phenomenal. Class participation was better than others. I believe this was because the instructor made the students very comfortable and had a great sense of humor. Subject matter was explained in a way everyone could understand.”

, November 2019

“Sue O'Grady is a great instructor; she is extremely knowledgeable of the asset program taught.”

, November 2019

“Sue was a great instructor and was very helpful in learning options. She provides a simple way to explain a difficult subject.”

, November 2019

“Sue is very energetic when teaching; it’s very hard to fall asleep in class. Lots of valuable information and I absolutely recommend her. If you are a veteran, you will be able to relate to her even more. Thank you Sue.”

, November 2019

“Sue found a way to teach us options and make this learning experience fun.”

, September 2019

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