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Stephen experienced the volatility of the world economy first hand during the booming “Celtic Tiger” era in Ireland. He worked in construction and, due to increasing demand, he was soon the owner of his own construction company. Then the Irish economy slowed and entered a supply zone and he decided to focus directly on the financial markets as a trader.

As an Online Trading Academy Instructor, Stephen Hanahoe brings a huge passion for trading which he gladly shares with his students. He is a strong believer in money management and rules-based trading and constantly emphasizes the importance of an attractive risk-reward ratio before entering a position.

A specialist in Forex and futures, Stephen promises that students who take his class will be taught in depth the OTA professional approach to trading, chart analysis and price action.

  • Instructor of the Year Award


  • Small business owner 
  • Trading since 2008


  • US Markets


  • Forex
  • Stocks


  • Member of Mastermind Community


Mayo, Ireland

What Students Are Saying

“Stephen is a dedicated and devoted instructor. He teaches with all his heart.”

, November 2017

“Steve certainly deserves his "Instructor of the Month" award. I especially liked that he shared with us the "Big Picture" of trading as well as correlated assets such as the relationships between currency, futures, options, etc. Nice music, too.”

, October 2017

“Stephen Hanahoe is the best instructor I have ever had at Online Trading Academy. His trading journey is really inspiring. His passion, experience, and expertise really show through his teaching. His care and patients for the students is amazing. He gives individual attention to each student like if he was mentoring a student one on one.”

, October 2017

“Thank God for the Irish! Steven was just the best. He ran it at a speed that had me worried after two days and self confident after four. The inside is incredible and life changing. Thanks again Steven. Best Wishes John Shull”

, October 2017

“I highly recommend Stephen Hanahoe Brilliant - Unique ability to break down & simplify the question @ hand!! ”

, October 2017

“We could not have a better instructor than Stephen Hanahoe, he is very easy to understand, patient and understanding with each one of us. He is very much invested into his role of being here with us; we all felt it, the desire in him to see us succeed. I feel blessed to have had the chance to be here with him this week. I am so happy OTA and myself made it happen.”

, September 2017

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