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Stephen experienced the volatility of the world economy first hand during the booming “Celtic Tiger” era in Ireland. He worked in construction and, due to increasing demand, he was soon the owner of his own construction company. Then the Irish economy slowed and entered a supply zone and he decided to focus directly on the financial markets as a trader.

As an Online Trading Academy Instructor, Stephen Hanahoe brings a huge passion for trading which he gladly shares with his students. He is a strong believer in money management and rules-based trading and constantly emphasizes the importance of an attractive risk-reward ratio before entering a position.

A specialist in Forex and futures, Stephen promises that students who take his class will be taught in depth the OTA professional approach to trading, chart analysis and price action.

  • Instructor of the Year Award


  • Small business owner 
  • Trading since 2008


  • US Markets


  • Forex
  • Stocks


  • Member of Mastermind Community


Mayo, Ireland

What Students Are Saying

“OMG- where do I start? Amazing!!!!!! Of course his knowledge comes through and expands the horizons of your mind of this discombobulating world of financial markets. However, his genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of his students is what resonates the most. Thank you!”

, June 2019

“Stephen Hanahoe is FANTASTIC! He consistently demonstrated his sincere desire and concern for each and every one of his students to be successful! He is truly a valuable asset for the Online Trading Academy team.”

, June 2019

“We're very fortunate to have Stephen provide us with his extensive knowledge about the topic. He makes sure that when he shows us something, he explains the reason behind it so we can have a deeper understanding on why we need to make sure we follow the process and stick to it.”

, June 2019

“Instructor made the class experience a 10. Stephen was knowledgeable and explained when he got sense that the class was 50/50 unclear on an issue. Stephen picked it up and stopped the slides/presentation and demonstrated on the board to solve the confusion. Great instructor and I highly recommend him!”

, June 2019

“Stephen was so patient. unbelievably so. I took the course a 2nd time because my wife had to see why I was so excited. I made sure he was here and now she cannot wait to start. He is truly a Teacher, not just a spokesperson. He absolutely believes in helping people. Thank you for having him educate us.”

, June 2019

“Amazing and engaging. Very personally responsible for his students. Wants to makes sure everyone is doing well, encouraging and hold each student accountable but in a very kind and caring way. Thank you Stephen!”

, June 2019

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