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Like many incoming students, Shyamala Sashikumar had repeated personal failures as a trader before finding success. In the early 1990s she traded based on “tips and news” and quickly gave up. In 2004 she added technical and fundamental analysis and had limited success. In 2011 she came to OTA and realized the only way to consistent profits is a rules-based strategy.

Since becoming an Online Trading Academy instructor, Shyamala has taught numerous Core Strategy and other foundation courses. She tells students that no one can do a better job of handling their money, in order to achieve financial freedom, than they can. As proof, she points out that she gave up a successful banking career to become a full time trader in 2013.

Shyamala loves to share her journey with students who are looking to get out of the rat race and make money work for themselves. She tells them that trading is not a hobby, but a challenging enterprise with unlimited potential to fulfill dreams. It is also a skill that can be acquired by anyone by learning the techniques and practicing diligently.


  • Bachelor of Science & Master's in Business Administration, Lucknow University
  • Officer – Central Bank of India
  • Officer – Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI)
  • Senior Manager – L&T Finance and IL & FS Training Academy
  • Branch Head/Chief Manager – Birla Sun Life Insurance
  • Senior Vice President – National Institute Of Securities Markets (NISM)


  • Indian Markets


  • Stocks


  • Certified Financial Planner (ICFP, India)
  • Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers (CAIIB), Life Member
  • Licentiate of Insurance Institute of India
  • AMFI Certification for Mutual Funds (expired)


Mumbai, India

What Students Are Saying

“Madam Shyamala was excellent in explaining and was very patient answering all the questions. All the staff was very supportive and a very nice environment for learning.”

, November 2019

“Yes, Madam Sashikumar conducted the class with great details in practical reference.”

, August 2019

“Absolutely. My testimonial is of 2 parts. 1) Our instructor Mrs. Shyamala Sashikumar has done an outstanding job of taking us through the whole journey with greater ease and dedication. She lived up to her promise she made us on the first day, i.e., she became instructor because she wanted to give back to the community. Remarkable job done. 2) Before coming to OTA, my impression was that stock market is all about gambling where you hold on to gut feeling, hope and luck. Whereas what they teach here is strategy and discipline to stick to it so that you can time the trend and odds in your favour. It's a complete paradigm shift. I have never felt more empowered and confident. Game changer for anyone who is interested in trading.”

, August 2019

“Shyamala Sashikumar is in fact a good instructor and her guidance and way of teaching is so nice.”

, August 2019

“The instructor was excellent. She made it too simple for a beginner to understand. The course material is perfect.”

, May 2019

“I liked the teaching of Ms. Shyamala Sashikumar very much & she is the best instructor so far. I wish I could attend another session of hers. She is so patient, firm & good.”

, February 2019

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