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Sean Doyle started on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade right out of college, when a cousin connected him with a job as a runner. He steadily worked his way up until he purchased his own seat and partnered in a brokerage business. He applies this real world experience and perspective as an Online Trading Academy Instructor.

Sean tells his students that trading is like construction in that you need to learn to use the tools of the trade to make the most of your knowledge and the skills you already have. He believes perseverance and self-discipline are the keys to a successful trading career.

A student in Sean’s classes will build confidence to take trades in the correct locations and, more importantly, manage their risk for long-term success. This opens up the possibility for the benefit he likes most about trading: the ability to work on his own schedule and take time off whenever he wants. Sean has also worked on real estate projects as a sideline.


  • Runner, Clerk, Trader and Floor Broker at CBOT and CME
  • Former member of CBOT
  • Elected by his peers as President of the Pit Committee at CME
  • Partnered in a proprietary trading group that traded profitably through the 2008 financial crisis
  • Rehabbed houses and fix-and-flips
  • Built, owned and operated Revival Yoga, named studio of the year in the Chicago area


  • US Markets


  • Futures


  • CME member
  • Licensed mortgage broker
  • Enjoys coaching his son's baseball team


Illinois, USA

What Students Are Saying

“I truly learned a lot from my instructor in the Futures class. Sean Doyle did a great job breaking down the trend which helped me find the right location for my trading zones. Greg Stoddard”

, June 2019

“Sean took the Futures course and boiled it down to the fundamentals and built it from there. No fancy one off strategies, just nuts and bolts that just worked.”

, May 2019

“Loved this course, and Sean! He was very open to questions and never hesitated to simplify his explanations when necessary. We feel confident in our abilities to trade futures at home on our own after this course.”

, May 2019

“Sean was great. Very knowledgeable and really concentrated on getting us comfortable with a difficult topic. ”

, March 2019

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