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Scott Greer joins Online Trading Academy with a strong passion for teaching and for the markets. After a 10 year pilot career with the airlines and various corporate jet operators, Scott realized that he needed to take control of his financial future.

Always interested in trading and investing, Scott found Online Trading Academy in 2007. After completing the foundation 7 day course, he joined the Extended Learning Track (XLT) where he learned from some of the best professional traders in the world. After years of successful trading he feels being an Instructor is the greatest gift to give back for his success. Scott's simple and straightforward approach to the markets helps students grasp the material quickly and speed up the learning curve.

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California, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Scott Greer is the best...that's why I followed his Forex Class. I've attended his online Core Strategy. Very knowledgeable.”

, August 2019

“The instructor was so amazing and explained things clearly and concisely and in a manner that never made one feel embarrassed to ask dumb questions. I felt like he was right there with me and that I was not sitting in my house alone, as he engaged and encouraged all of us at whatever level we were at. As there were some clearly more advanced people in the class, I never felt ignored or marginalized, but encouraged as to my progress and for my present abilities and potential. GREAT Instructor!”

, August 2019

“Scott was a very informative, knowledgeable and engaging instructor. Patti & Support were with us and handled all technical issues without fail. I couldn't possibly be more satisfied with my experience.”

, June 2019

“Overall, I feel that Scott did an excellent job with his Core Strategy sessions and also had an excellent support staff working behind the scenes as he lectured. He was very informative, engaging and supportive of his students. He made good use of his time management as well as the flow of his subject matter.”

, June 2019

“I truly valued my time in the forex online course instructed by Scott Greer. He is one of the best instructors I have encountered in any educational setting!!! He has a tremendous ability to deliver high quality information that is easy to comprehend and apply during our lab times. He has an infectious passion for trading and teaching! ”

, May 2019

“I would highly recommend Scott Greer as an instructor. He speaks clear and is very patient in answering repeated questions instead of saying go listen to yesterday's recording where I covered it.”

, May 2019

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