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Scott Greer joins Online Trading Academy with a strong passion for teaching and for the markets. After a 10 year pilot career with the airlines and various corporate jet operators, Scott realized that he needed to take control of his financial future.

Always interested in trading and investing, Scott found Online Trading Academy in 2007. After completing the foundation 7 day course, he joined the Extended Learning Track (XLT) where he learned from some of the best professional traders in the world. After years of successful trading he feels being an Instructor is the greatest gift to give back for his success. Scott's simple and straightforward approach to the markets helps students grasp the material quickly and speed up the learning curve.

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California, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Scott was really knowledgeable and persistent on us learning the skills that we would need to be successful at trading. He presented himself as very caring that the information we needed was going to be presented in a way that we would understand and be able to perform the task as he laid them out. Excellent Instructor.”

, September 2018

“Quite impressed with the course content and delivery! Scott is an excellent presenter! ”

, September 2018

“Scott Greer, my instructor, was very knowledge and patient with our class. I learned so much about basic trading, which will help me know how and when to trade. I believe I know more about trading in 7 days, than a person who has traded for years. I really do feel empowered. I had a lot of fun.”

, March 2018

“Scott Greer is really a great teacher! He simplifies Forex trading for his students, and he makes sure that all his students understand how to trade properly and safely.”

, December 2017

“Scott took the time to explain concepts. He also gave more information than just the text book which is very helpful. Class was taught at a good pace for every students to keep up”

, December 2017

“Scott is a great teacher and did a really good job. Thank you!”

, November 2017

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