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As a small business owner and entrepreneur, Scot Stokes always had a curiosity about the financial markets. When electronic trading expanded beyond the trading floors of New York and Chicago, he jumped in. Soon Scot was teaching a class in online trading and the use of screens to identify opportunities. That was when he discovered a new passion, teaching and assisting others in the development of their own trading skills.

Since he began teaching in 1999, Scot has taught thousands of students, including other Online Trading Academy instructors as well as former floor traders making the transition to online trading. He likes to say that “there is nothing more satisfying than the feeling that comes with helping others to achieve their dreams and goals.”

Students will benefit from Scot’s depth of electronic trading experience combined with his caring ability to convey the sometimes confusing trading concepts clearly and understandably.


  • Business owner (Stokes Sprinkling Systems; Little Caesars Pizza; Heros; Fantastic Sam; ENG Inc)


  • US Markets


  • Forex
  • Stocks


Las Vegas, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Appreciate that instructor was positive and encouraging. Instructor was patient with a lot of information I did not know about.”

, September 2019

“I feel the Course met my every need with regards to laying the foundation to become a Professional Trader. I know I will have to listen to the Recordings and practice, practice, practice. I'm very excited going forward.”

, August 2019

“I really enjoyed the program and I understood everything that the instructor Scot Stokes taught us in class. I really appreciate that he uses the same strategy that he was teaching us, and he really was patient and answered all our questions without leaving a stone unturned. I am excited about going home and using this strategy now and have a lot more confidence with what he has taught us in class.”

, July 2019

“Scot gave very clear instruction, clear steps, and was willing to go back and review key information if it looked like someone missed a key point. We were repeatedly reminded that forecasts are just that: forecasts. With each piece of new information, your forecast readjusts. Following the rules carefully puts the odds in our favor. I would love to be writing this testimonial a year out, so I truly know how successful I will have been, but I am confident that I can ride the financial waves and will not be at the mercy of what the market decides to do to my retirement accounts and mutual funds.”

, June 2019

“Scot is a very patient instructor and very detailed in his class. I learned a lot from the class and feel more confident in placing my trades.”

, March 2019

“I really enjoyed being introduced into Forex by Scot Stokes. I was excited but a bit overwhelmed in the beginning of the week, but by Thursday and especially Friday things were really starting to make sense. He really breaks it down for the beginner and through his experiences and knowledge gave me the confidence to really dive in head first!”

, March 2019

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