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In seven years, Sam Evans progressed from an Online Trading Academy student, to full-time trader, to Fund Manager to Instructor Forex XLT. Sam is one of a handful of Instructors teaching the All Asset Mastery XLT to our elite group of Mastermind Graduates. On-location, Sam is certified to teach equities, forex, futures and commodities.

Sam decided to learn to trade when he became jaded with his media career. He dabbled with life coaching but his passion for the money markets was too great. Sam's career history enables him to combine his trading knowledge with his presenting and coaching skills with ease - resulting in a great learning experience for students.

Sam's style is all about keeping it simple. He focuses on strict risk management principles, a no-gimmicks approach to price action and solid risk to reward ratios.

In 2013, 2015 and 2016, Sam's Lessons from the Pros articles were instrumental in Online Trading Academy being awarded the Forex Best award from for Best Educational Article. Sam was also awarded Best Webinars Educator in 2015.

FXStreet Forex Best Educational Article Award Winner FXStreet Forex Best Webinar Educator Award Winner

  • Lessons From The Pros
  • Mastermind Instructor


  • Fund Manager
  • Producer and part-time presenter for London's Capital FM
  • Professional life coach


  • UK Markets
  • US Markets


  • Graduate Programs
  • Mastermind Community
  • Trading Platforms


  • Online Trading Academy Graduate
  • Power Trading Radio guest
  • Hour with the Pros author


London, UK

What Students Are Saying

“Excellent teacher for the actual curriculum very enthusiastic and engaging!!”

, June 2019

“It was awesome. Well-managed and professionally conducted. Sam is a born educator and I am very pleased with his cadence, his methods, his examples, explanations, and analogies. He kept a good pace and addressed all needs of everyone in the class without having to slow down the flow.”

, February 2019

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