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After graduating from college, Sal Giamarese walked onto the floor of the American Stock Exchange and got a job as a runner. That was the beginning of a 30-year career on Wall Street that saw him advance to jobs including hedge fund VP, manager of his own trading fund and educator for a major brokerage.

In his previous positions, Sal has been responsible for teaching, training and managing new traders and establishing trader risk parameters. He has also taught technical analysis, day and swing trading. He draws on this vast real-life experience in his role as an Instructor for Online Trading Academy.

Sal likes to use the keep it simple approach, where complicated subjects are made easy to understand. He goes the extra mile to ensure his vast knowledge of the markets and trading is conveyed and comprehended by all his students.


  • BS in Finance, Rider College
  • Reporter & Specialist Clerk, American Stock Exchange
  • Trader & Vice President at leading hedge fund
  • Former trading firm owner, active trader
  • Midwest Regional Brokerage Consultant, Fidelity investments


  • US Markets


  • Stocks


  • Taught his wife Christina how to trade; she trades while he teaches
  • Enjoys going to the beach in the winter


Michigan, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Sal is a great teacher!”

, October 2019

“I really enjoyed the course. Sal is an excellent instructor and he really takes his time to answer any questions we have.”

, October 2019

“Core Strategy is a great mix of concept, lectures, hands-on set-ups, and practice trading. Sal Giamarese is an excellent instructor with a great blend of discipline, humor and patience! Thanks, OTA!”

, September 2019

“Instructor Sal Giamarese is excellent. Knows his stuff and is a patient teacher. This was a repeat for me and Sal really helped make it all make sense!”

, August 2019

“Extremely knowledgeable. Great teacher. Good sense of humor. Very patient.”

, August 2019

“The class content was organized and understandable in layman's terms. Sal was a very patient and well-spoken teacher. He was excellent not only in his knowledge but he could read the mood and the mindset of the students, slowed down when necessary and didn't stress us out.”

, August 2019

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