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Ryan Kaestner was a student in a professional cooking program when he started trading as a side pursuit. He soon discovered he was good at it, and progressed to teaching and then course development. As an Online Trading Academy Instructor, he understands where his students are coming from and helps guide them on the optimal education path.

Ryan’s investing philosophy is that trading is like cooking: you start with a few simple ingredients, follow a recipe and apply skills developed through training to get consistent results. Risk management is also key: if a trade goes against you or your hollandaise sauce breaks, you need a backup plan. Although he has experience across a spectrum of asset classes, his favorite trades are options because of the many possibilities they offer.

Ryan has a passion for sharing the knowledge he has acquired, and this comes through in his enthusiasm as he teaches his classes. Whatever their objectives, students can look to him for the insights they need to get started in the markets.


  • Chef training at Culinary Institute of America
  • Taught and developed course materials for trading education
  • Avid entrepreneur and business owner
  • Developed algorithms and indicators on a contract basis


  • US Markets


  • Ghost-writer of several trading books and manuals
  • Avid traveler: has visited over 50 countries in search of life experience and great food


Florida, USA

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