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Ryan Cook is a third generation investor and educator. After the tech bubble burst, while he was working construction, Ryan realized that he had two choices; work until his heart stopped beating, or learn a safe consistent approach to the markets so that his retirement account would meet him there and be more than adequate.

Ryan has been trading since around the turn of the century, but it wasn’t until after spending some significant time with his mentor that Ryan learned a very logical top down approach to the markets. This approach helps him to identify positions that he views to have the highest probability for success with the lowest amount of risk, no matter what the market condition/direction. For the past five years, Ryan has introduced tens of thousands to this methodology.

While Stocks and options are the two vehicles Ryan spends the majority of his time trading, Forex and Futures are anything but a mystery to him. Ryan believes understanding how one asset class may affect another, and being able to confidently trade all major asset classes gives a trader an edge over traders who do not have that knowledge. Ryan feels that being an Instructor and Education Counselor for Online Trading Academy gives him the opportunity to not only help others become successful traders, but to hone his own trading skills as well.


  • Foreman over a construction crew


  • Indian Markets
  • US Markets


  • Stocks


  • Hour with the Pros


Ohio, USA

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