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Like many of his students, Rick Meadows was worried about retirement when he first came to OTA. “I was scared to death I’d be broke at 80,” he puts it. After his first workshop, he knew he wanted to be a full-time trader and proceeded through the full curriculum to reach the coveted Mastermind designation.

As an Online Trading Academy Instructor. Rick introduces the curriculum to new students and tells them successful trading is dependent on understanding price movement. Institutions control turning points of price through their buying and selling power. By predicting these turning points, the individual trader can buy and sell with them. Patience and probability are key to profitability.

Rick especially likes to work with students who have lost their jobs, run short of money in retirement, or are suffering financial uncertainty. “It’s great when the light goes on and they see trading can provide better day-to-day security and long-term quality of life.”


  • University-Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Economics
  • Coach and education advisor for a leading career service
  • Broker at proprietary trading house


  • US Markets


  • Sky diving


Jersey City, NJ

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