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While trading options during the 2008 housing bubble, Rian Bechtel realized that a deeper understanding of market behavior was going to be necessary for consistent investing success. His quest for a proven trading strategy led him to join the Mastermind Community and eventually to become an Online Trading Academy instructor.

Rian has a background in aviation, which gives him a keen understanding of the importance of managing risk. He recognizes that, as in flight, having a tested plan and avoiding human error is pivotal for sustaining success. As an Instructor, he tells his students that trading will teach them about their own ego: ‘this is not a matter of you vs. the markets. It is you vs. yourself.’

He believes that trading is both an art and a science and incorporates both perspectives in his teaching. His goal for every student is that they leave class with a new light-bulb moment and a greater sense of empowerment.


  • FAA Certified Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic
  • Deployed as aircraft field modification expert on 4 continents
  • Student Support Manager, OTA Denver


  • US Markets


  • Futures


  • Real Estate investor
  • Mastermind Community member
  • Pursuing accreditation as CMT (Chartered Market Technician)


Colorado, USA

What Students Are Saying

“My second course was as incredible as the first. Instructors did a great job of explaining the material, and bringing the class along. Couldn't imagine how this could be improved. Rian Bechtel was just great.”

, September 2018

“The Professional Futures Trader course provides a great balance of theory and hands on trading. During the last three days of the course my Instructor, Rian Bechtel taught our class how to trade futures for income and a majority of our class achieved our daily goals.”

, September 2018

“Was very impressed with Rian Bechtel's ability to transfer his trading knowledge to myself as a repeat student. Many things that were unclear in trading futures before are now well understood. I am very happy with my potential to trade profitably in the future.”

, September 2018

“Rian did an excellent job with the futures class. He was very energetic and positive with his approach to my learning. I have taken very many doctorate classes in my education. This is like a college course normally taken in one semester but actually done in 5 days. Good job, Rian, to further my education!”

, September 2018

“I like Rians' teaching style, in the way he puts you out of your comfort level and you force yourself to learn the right way to do the steps that one has to do to do better on trading.”

, September 2018

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