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While trading options during the 2008 housing bubble, Rian Bechtel realized that a deeper understanding of market behavior was going to be necessary for consistent investing success. His quest for a proven trading strategy led him to join the Mastermind Community and eventually to become an Online Trading Academy instructor.

Rian has a background in aviation, which gives him a keen understanding of the importance of managing risk. He recognizes that, as in flight, having a tested plan and avoiding human error is pivotal for sustaining success. As an Instructor, he tells his students that trading will teach them about their own ego: ‘this is not a matter of you vs. the markets. It is you vs. yourself.’

He believes that trading is both an art and a science and incorporates both perspectives in his teaching. His goal for every student is that they leave class with a new light-bulb moment and a greater sense of empowerment.


  • FAA Certified Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic
  • Deployed as aircraft field modification expert on 4 continents
  • Student Support Manager, OTA Denver


  • US Markets


  • Futures


  • Real Estate investor
  • Mastermind Community member
  • Pursuing accreditation as CMT (Chartered Market Technician)


Colorado, USA

What Students Are Saying

“I thought Rian was an exceptional instructor. His knowledge & expertise were evident in his delivery of the course material and his insertion of short videos were fun to view & pertinent to the material.”

, May 2019

“Rian Bechtel exceeded my expectations greatly. Maybe it was his background in student support but he taught us sequentially and in a way that was very dynamic.”

, March 2019

“The instruction was superb and laid out in a logical progression professionally presented.”

, March 2019

“My second course was as incredible as the first. Instructors did a great job of explaining the material, and bringing the class along. Couldn't imagine how this could be improved. Rian Bechtel was just great.”

, September 2018

“The Professional Futures Trader course provides a great balance of theory and hands on trading. During the last three days of the course my Instructor, Rian Bechtel taught our class how to trade futures for income and a majority of our class achieved our daily goals.”

, September 2018

“Was very impressed with Rian Bechtel's ability to transfer his trading knowledge to myself as a repeat student. Many things that were unclear in trading futures before are now well understood. I am very happy with my potential to trade profitably in the future.”

, September 2018

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