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After attending college and law school in his native Jamaica, Randy Ledgister moved to the United States. He became interested in trading and soon after became a student of Online Trading Academy. He was impressed by OTA’s commitment to its students, worldwide brick and mortar campuses and its strong sense of community.

Randy was Student Support Manager for the New York center before becoming an Online Trading Academy Instructor, so he understands the challenges facing new traders and investors. He draws on his experience as a trader to encourage and motivate his students, and spends as much time as is necessary to ensure they understand the concepts taught in class.

Randy believes success is not just what you accomplish in life, but what you inspire others to do. His WHY is helping students realize their dreams through trading and investing in the markets.


  • Business Management Student, Northern Caribbean University
  • University of London Law School
  • Special Projects, Jamaican Money Market Brokers
  • Student Support Manager, OTA New York


  • US Markets


  • Stocks


  • Mastermind Community Member
  • Habitat for Humanity volunteer
  • Enjoys badminton & reading autobiographies


New York, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Randy is an excellent instructor - very patient and careful to break concepts down into simple steps. I had some fears and hesitation when initially signing up for the class, but it has proven to be quite excellent. I am very excited about the CliK software and where it is going. I can't wait to do future classes with you guys!”

, November 2019

“Randy is very patient and explains things in detail.”

, November 2019

“I am a novice in the world of trading. I was very nervous about making such a huge investment, but I know that trading is very rewarding, so I took the risk. To my satisfaction Randy Ledgister was my teacher. He was well-versed in his knowledge and he made it very simple for me. The pace was just right, and he took the time out to listen and help me understand the material. I am now less nervous than I was in the beginning and I'm hoping the other teachers I will have for my asset classes will not drop the ball.”

, October 2019

“Randy Ledgister was an incredible instructor! You could tell that he really wanted us to get the information and broke the subjects down into bit-sized, digestible pieces.”

, August 2019

“Randy is gifted with amazing patience, exuberance and humor. He was a joy to be around and it was an honor to be instructed by him.”

, August 2019

“I thought that Randy Ledgister was by far the best instructor that I have had. His repeating of the basic details ultimately allowed me to be confident that I can be a professional trader.”

, August 2019

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