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After attending college and law school in his native Jamaica, Randy Ledgister moved to the United States. He became interested in trading and soon after became a student of Online Trading Academy. He was impressed by OTA’s commitment to its students, worldwide brick and mortar campuses and its strong sense of community.

Randy was Student Support Manager for the New York center before becoming an Online Trading Academy Instructor, so he understands the challenges facing new traders and investors. He draws on his experience as a trader to encourage and motivate his students, and spends as much time as is necessary to ensure they understand the concepts taught in class.

Randy believes success is not just what you accomplish in life, but what you inspire others to do. His WHY is helping students realize their dreams through trading and investing in the markets.


  • Business Management Student, Northern Caribbean University
  • University of London Law School
  • Special Projects, Jamaican Money Market Brokers
  • Student Support Manager, OTA New York


  • US Markets


  • Stocks


  • Mastermind Community Member
  • Habitat for Humanity volunteer
  • Enjoys badminton & reading autobiographies


New York, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Randolph was very professional from day one, always keeping his cool. On day 5 a lady next to me lost her cool because she couldn't understand what the professor was explaining. He saw her overwhelmed and with all the calm and patience in the world he approached and calmly spent like 5-10m with her and like magic she calmed down and was back on track, so in my book, 10 is too low of a score for this man. Thank you, Randolph, for sharing your knowledge with us and changing my life.”

, May 2019

“Our instructor, Randy, was an exceptional teacher. He explained everything with precision, patience and understanding. He gave each individual time to catch up when they had fallen behind and he did it in a joyous atmosphere. We hope moving forward that all of our professors are like Randy. He is a great asset to our family, who is now a part of the OTA community.”

, April 2019

“George Cancel Enjoyed my week in class. Instructor was personable and funny. Kept the class interested and always answer all of our questions,even the repeat questions. Instructor encourage our progress and never showed he was bother by anyone or questions.”

, April 2019

“We had a superb instructor. He makes sure everyone in the class is progressing, and has patience and is able to inspire. He is supportive, knowledgeable and cares about how his students are doing as a whole. He's lively, fun and keeps it interesting. He knows when students are tired and he goes the extra mile for everyone in class. The class was not too large so we all had opportunities to get to know each other and the make up was generally sociable.”

, January 2019

“Core Strategy gave me the basics to understand market trading, but Randy Ledgister showed me "how" to use it and build my strategy plan to make money at it. Randy's classroom etiquette & manner was friendly and very knowledgeable. Every question asked was addressed and there were "no dumb questions". Even though classwork moved at the speed of the slowest student in class; the curriculum never suffered; time, classwork and all exercises were well managed so that all students felt at par with each other. I really appreciate that attitude, especially from one who has so much understanding and knowledge of the trading process. I have taken Trading training classes from others in the industry who don't show that type of patience and attention to detail. Randy made sure that at the end of the day everyone's doubts were answered.”

, December 2018

“Randy breaks Core-Strategy all the way down to dummy level.”

, December 2018

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