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Raiyan Banaji began trading when he returned to India after 5 years of work and school in the U.S. He liked the competitiveness of trading, which allowed him to leverage skills he had developed as a champion athlete. He uses a holistic approach as an Online Trading Academy Instructor, employing psychology to help his students apply the Core Strategy to their investments.

Raiyan believes the trader who remains objective, mindful of errors and positively focused will come out a winner. Precise execution is key, and the student who trades the system closest to the way it was designed will be more likely to succeed.

Raiyan stresses the importance of aspiring to success not only in trading, but in all areas of life. A healthy physical and mental well-being can help traders avoid distractions so they can follow through on their trading plan more effectively.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Wheaton College MA, USA
  • Major in Economics, American School of Bombay: International Baccalaureate Diploma
  • Financial Planning and Analysis Analyst, Honeywell International, Morristown NJ
  • Corporate and research intern positions, USA and India


  • Indian Markets


  • Stocks


  • Played on rugby national champion teams
  • Wheaton College Varsity Track & Field team captain
  • 200 meter, 4x100 and 4x200 meter relay record holder
  • Black Belt in Judo
  • College minor, Guitar Performance, experience with visual pattern recognition is helpful in identifying trading levels


Mumbai, India

What Students Are Saying

“Raiyan has been a great trainer... very patient with the class. The course has given me a fair idea about trading and I think it would be a beginning of a wonderful journey. Many thanks Raiyan and OTA.”

, September 2018

“It was fun learning this serious subject. The credit has to go to the Instructor who has immense knowledge with his huge passionate trading experience. Not to mention his humourous anecdotes. The staff was very supportive and cooperative.”

, August 2018

“I joined as a total novice and couldn't understand any technical terms or what trading is about. After first retake, could understand the market but couldn't gather confidence to take trades. This retake with Raiyan has instilled total confidence which enabled me to plan my trades and take them in live market.”

, May 2018

“Mr. Raiyan is a great instructor who exudes knowledge, skills and awareness. He is people oriented and takes genuine interest in imparting knowledge and hands on practices. I enjoyed it immensely.”

, May 2018

“Our mentor, Mr. Raiyan Banaji, showed us broader perspectives of the market. With him, the session was really very exciting.”

, April 2018

“OTA has given a different view on how to trade, which as of now seems to be promising. Raiyan Banaji, our mentor, is simply excellent and has made us understand a lot of nuances that have helped us to understand the overall process of trading. Excellent workshop and thoroughly enjoyed!!!”

, February 2018

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