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Quentin Staples got into trading, quite simply, to change his life. He had tried many things, including hard manual labor, and wanted a way to make money that gave him the freedom to live life as it should be lived and help his family and loved ones. That is also why he became an Online Trading Academy Instructor.

His favorite asset class is Forex. He tells his students that they can get what they want out of the class, and life in general, if they are strong and have a work ethic. His students can expect love (sometimes tough love), passion and a firm but fair attention to detail as they learn proven strategies to find winning opportunities in the markets.

Quentin’s Why is his family and specifically older family members who deserve to be happy and not stressed in their later years. He feels that when you love your family you should show it, not just say it. Nobody gets another shot at life, so live this one to the fullest.


  • Full time musician and multi-platinum producer
  • Master barber, cutting hair since high school
  • Played AA baseball for Ellenwood, GA


  • US Markets


  • Forex


  • Produced tracks for major artists including Puff Daddy and 50 Cent
  • Loves to fish and enjoys movies
  • OTA’s first Education Manager


Georgia, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Quentin Staples is very gifted as a trader. He moves like an art form thru Forex.”

, August 2019

“Quentin put a real life spin on the material.”

, July 2019

“Quentin Staples is recommended for every Forex trader to learn from.”

, July 2019

“Overall I had an incredible, intense class. I truly feel more ready and more committed to taking my trading journey to the next level. Due to Quentin's training techniques, he really cut out the excess fat around taking off with trading the FX markets by getting straight to the point on how and what it takes to be successful as not only an FX trader, but successful in any endeavor in life. Also, he was very entertaining and used real life examples to deliver his messages to us, making understanding the course a little easier.”

, July 2019

“Quentin Staples is the chart whisperer!!! This is the class I thought I was paying for when I signed up!!! This class is already changing my life in ways that are only starting!!! ”

, June 2019

“Quentin was able to make the whole process seem easy. I am so grateful for the teachers who take their time to give us such great help.”

, June 2019

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