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Paul Itterly has seen Wall Street from the inside as an intern at a major wealth management firm and an invited guest at leading investment banks where he literally saw what was happening behind closed doors. He spoke with economists at the Federal Reserve and walked the live trading floor at Deutsche Bank. Now he shares this experience as an Online Trading Academy instructor.

Through his college studies and personal experience Paul became passionate about trading, and joined the Mastermind Community soon after he graduated. He loves the camaraderie in which experienced traders share their ideas and techniques based on our Core Strategy, as well as pitfalls so you don’t make the same mistakes.

As an Instructor, Paul encourages his students to understand the importance of having a trading plan and staying disciplined for consistent results.


  • Bachelor of Science and Business Administration, University of North Carolina
  • University of North Carolina, Wilmington
    • Double major in Finance and Entrepreneurial Business Development
    • President, Student Finance Club
  • Financial Advisor Intern Assistant, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management


  • US Markets


  • Stocks
  • Trading Platforms


  • Member, Mastermind Community
  • Certifications in : Bloomberg’s Equity, Foreign Exchange, Fixed Income


North Carolina, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Paul Itterly is an absolute blessing and one of the top instructors for Core Strategy. He motivated, empowered and encouraged everyone in our class. His ability to define OTA principles created energized buy-in from everyone in my class because Paul used everyday examples we could all relate to. His unique training style, consistent mechanical trading process, and teaching our eyes to find those strategic clues that Mr. Stock Market provides increase one's opportunity to place trades with confidence. Paul's special gifts can be compared to Super Man. If the powers are used correctly, the universe will provide blessings of colossal proportions!”

, November 2017

“My wife and I came to the course with no prior trading experience. Because of Paul's knowledge and style, we feel we have the information and step-by-step process to successfully manage our money. Looking forward to our next classes to increase our knowledge and specialty. ”

, November 2017

“Paul was a good instructor and taught me a lot! I didn't know how detailed the process was until I took the class! I'm excited for my future as a trader! Brian Katz”

, October 2017

“He's a smart guy and very prompt to answer any questions/concerns you may have. He was our light in a dark tunnel if you want to make an appropriate analogy.”

, September 2017

“Life changing experience! PAUL IS THE RIGHT MAN FOR THE JOB! Although I have taken two classes, not only is Paul consistent and great at transforming students, he is also a genius when it comes to being receptive to all, and I do mean all of the students. As some classes and some students seem to catch on quicker, somehow Paul seemed to bridge the GAP and FILL the class with an ORDER of knowledge! Smiles.”

, August 2017

“Paul did a wonderful job and was very patient with our group, especially if we were stuck on a particular object of understanding. I feel like he cares about the success of every single trader in the class. Exceptionally knowledgeable.”

, August 2017

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