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Patrick Valle has been a licensed professional in the securities industry since 1997. He discovered Online Trading Academy in 2008, at the height of the financial crisis, while witnessing the devastating effects that a market downturn can have on clients’ portfolios. He invested in his “why” by registering for the full OTA curriculum, and ultimately became an Online Trading Academy Instructor.

He believes in the importance of having a detailed trading plan and is passionate about sharing his knowledge from his career in the investment and banking industries to help students understand that trading success comes from hard work, dedication, and discipline. He specializes in using options to enhance the performance of long-term portfolios by focusing on strategies that hedge or eliminate unwanted risk from the stock market.

Patrick and his wife love to travel, and trading gives them the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. He wants to inspire others to success in trading so they are able to realize their lifetime dreams as well.


  • BS in Psychology & Business Administration, UCLA
  • Equity Trading Risk Analyst, JB Oxford
  • Nasdaq Market Maker & Block Trading Specialist, Wells Fargo Investments
  • Trade Review Supervisor, WaMu Investments


  • US Markets


  • Options


  • Online Trading Academy graduate & Mastermind Community member
  • Featured in television special and Smart Money article about students who had used OTA education to become professional traders
  • Traders Expo Speaker


California, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Patrick Valle knows his stuff. Experienced instructors are much more valuable than experienced authors. It is now up to me to maximize the use of all the resources.”

, September 2019

“Patrick is an exceptional instructor! He goes over all details, follows the curriculum, and gives great instructions. He is very conscientious and wants to give us the best learning experience.”

, September 2019

“Patrick was great. His understanding and background in options really showed. I appreciate the knowledge I have gained in this foundation course.”

, September 2019

“Sorry, not much of a testimonial person, but Patrick V. was one of the best instructors I have had to date.”

, September 2019

“Patrick comes with great knowledge and is more than willing to share.”

, August 2019

“Yes, I truly enjoyed the program with Patrick Valle and I want to take the class again. I also would like to attend online class with Patrick Valle. I hope OTA offers this option soon. I really like his way of teaching.”

, August 2019

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