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A tax professional since 1999, as Director of OTA Tax Pros Michael Atias specializes in filing tax returns for Corporations, LLCs, partnerships and individuals specializing in 'trader in securities status' and tax trading rules as well as real estate tax strategies. Michael is also enrolled to practice before the IRS (Enrolled Agent) and has represented numerous clients in the audits and appeals process.

Michael joined Online Trading Academy in 2011 and has been helping thousands of students to develop and apply tax strategies that could save them thousands of dollars annually. In addition to being Director of OTA Tax Pros, Michael is currently also the Instructor for Core Tax Strategies and Real Estate Tax Strategies classes.

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  • BA in economics and business management, and MBA, Washington University


  • US Markets


  • Tax Strategies


  • Power Trading Radio guest
  • Enrolled Agent with the IRS
  • Hour with the Pros author


California, USA

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