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Matt Zanotti was introduced to Online Trading Academy just like you—he started with the Power Trading Workshop in 2013 and came up the ladder with courses in Stocks, Futures, Forex, Options and the ProActive Investor curriculum. He liked the experience so much that he became a Student Support Manager in 2014 and is now an Instructor.

Because Matt’s student experience is so fresh in his mind, he can relate to the challenges of those who are new in the markets. He believes a successful trader or investor needs two things: a solid, back-tested strategy that fits their personality, and the acquired discipline to trust both the system and themselves so they can execute their trading plan successfully.

Matt’s favorite thing about Online Trading Academy is our commitment to students in giving them a way to enrich their lives.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, University of Colorado at Boulder


  • US Markets


  • Forex


  • Student Support Manager, Online Trading Academy Denver
  • Member, Power Trader Nation


Colorado, USA

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