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Matt Gildea's grandfather provided his first foray into investing (in a mutual fund) at the age of 12, and from that point on he was hooked. During college he traded mostly penny stocks and other lower priced equities, with mixed results - the typical ‘yo-yo account.’

As a broker, he quickly realized that his training would not include any content regarding how to trade, or what makes a good investment. He was lucky enough, however, to stumble upon a group of professional traders working near his office. They allowed him to trade on a trading simulator, using the same tactics they were employing. It wasn’t long before he knew he had found the beginnings of the market education he so sorely wanted. Quitting his job as a broker at the peak of the internet boom, he began to trade full-time in March 2000.

After several years of successful trading, Matt was invited to share his knowledge of trading in the Online Trading Academy classroom environment, an experience which engendered a love of teaching others how to navigate financial markets for their own accounts. Since that time, he has shared his trading expertise with students in live classes all over North America, as well as in Europe and in Asia. Although equity options are his specialty, Matt also has experience in trading both futures and Forex markets. His emphasis as an Instructor has always been to instill students with the core principles inherent in all successful traders. As he says, "Markets change, successful tactics change, but the underlying principles remain the same."

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What Students Are Saying

“Matt’s class was fun! He is engaging and skillful in teaching. Every time I started to wonder how I’d remember each concept and strategy-- the way they fit in and should be applied-- he magically whips out notes and illustrations to help with that. He focused on application and taught us ways to maximize efficiency and improve the probability of each strategy, which I really liked. I am lucky to have Matt as my first Options instructor and look forward to attending his class again when opportunity arises. Thank you, Matt, for such an enjoyable week!”

, August 2019

“Matt is a great instructor, we are very fortunate to have him to teach options class here and I hope he will come back again soon.”

, August 2019

“I took an options course 5 1/2 years ago from a competitor and completely got lost, confused and discouraged. In July, 2019 I took the options course at OTA and our instructor, Matt Gildea, began by telling us we would not get it the first try and we might want to take it again. He allowed us to be relaxed and to not worry about mistakes in class and that we would get it in time, just keep trying. He explained the Greeks in a way that allowed me to understand how their individual actions, reactions and interactions affected calls, puts and different strategies. Matt made the class fun, enjoyable and personal, thereby making it easier to learn. Sign up now you will be glad you did. OTA is the way to go.”

, July 2019

“Matt's experiences, examples, and notes certainly helped me digest the Options concepts on my first pass through this difficult course. I look forward to applying these tools soon.”

, July 2019

“Matt Gildea is an excellent instructor and truly cares for his students' success. Thank you, OTA, for having Mr. Gildea on your team.”

, June 2019

“I came into the class not know one single thing about an Option. I didn't even know the difference between a call or a put. Matt got off topic often, but it was these moments where I learned the most. The textbook is good to have for a guide and basic understanding, but Matt shared a ton of his personal knowledge of Options during the class. If I could ask for one more thing it would be a 6th day to the class for more hands on with Vertical Credit Spreads, but I will just sign up for another class to accomplish this. Matt is an awesome instructor and VERY knowledgeable.”

, March 2019

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