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Marc Schlichting

Iowa, USA

Marc Schlichting learned the importance of acquiring and maintaining a skillset and a rule-based plan the hard way—as an Emergency Medical Technician and healthcare educator.  Marc also assists students and helps keep classes at Online Trading Academy running smoothly as a member of our Learning Lab tea.  He’s one of our dedicated team members who assist instructors in online courses and XLTs by replying to student questions and making sure the classroom experience runs without hitches.  His philosophy is to keep it simple, which is crucial to student just starting out learning about and trading the financial markets.

His passion for teaching and helping other carries through with everything Marc does at Online Trading Academy, from Core Strategy practice sessions, delivering Basics Series classes, as well as supporting every aspect of XLT sessions.  He possesses a well-rounded approach to trading education and has been a Mastermind Community member since 2015.


Marc studied health sciences and emergency medical training at North Iowa Community College, and polysomnography (sleep disorders) at Midwest Sleep and Neurodiagnostic Institute.  In his free time, he enjoys car audio installations, reading, boating, and traveling.  Cool fact:  Marc is also a two-time Iowa All-State Chorus singer!


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