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Mahesh Kamath was trained in the hospitality industry and grew his own catering business to the point that he was ready to try something new. He discovered trading and enjoyed the potential to make money in his spare time with minimal capital and little physical effort. After trading for eight years he became an Online Trading Academy Instructor.

Mahesh likes swing trading and teaches his students that less trading is best; have the patience to wait for the setups that match your plan. Keep things simple and follow your rules, day in and day out, to be a successful trader.

Having received education in stocks, futures, forex and commodities as well as the ProActive Investor curriculum, Mahesh is well versed in a full range of asset classes. Following the patented supply and demand strategy, he teaches a very simple, rules-based approach to investing which is based entirely on price action.


  • Graduate from Indian Institute of Hotel Management, Mumbai
  • B.COM from R.A. Podar College
  • Owner of catering and event management company


  • Indian Markets


  • Stocks


  • Held Level 1 CMT license


Mumbai, India

What Students Are Saying

“A very healthy and lively session with Mahesh sir. Thank you, sir for addressing our basic mistakes we always do while trading. OTA strategies are indeed very easy to use.”

, May 2018

“I feel very confident based on learning gained through class to start the new journey in the trading world. I would like to special thank you to Mahesh for addressing all my queries, and explaining the core strategy with his vast experience, and sharing his lesson learned on the way. Would be added value to start my journey in the trading world.”

, April 2018

“Mahesh explanation and training was awesome. He quickly gauged the participants knowledge level and rightly paced the training. He was able to explain intricacies well and backed up with right examples. ”

, December 2017

“Mahesh K. explained demand and supply zones with the world's best examples. Good that I have good mentor. He is best in explaining the strategy and providing good examples. Thanks, OTA, team for providing an option to work with Mahesh Kamath. Valuable instructor.”

, December 2017

“My instructor was Mr. Mahesh Kamath. Great teacher, very soft spoken, knowledgeable, always ready to help. He solved all our queries with a smile and made the course content very easy to understand. He also provided us with a lot of practical experience. Great job, Mahesh Sir. Keep it up. Looking forward to taking a retake with Mahesh Sir.”

, August 2017

“The best thing about OTA was the frankness and detail with which the instructor conducted the seminar. It felt like I was sitting with a friend rather than at a formal event, and things were very smooth! Greatly helped me improve my risk management, and trade management! Tx Ota & Tx to Mahesh Kamat!h!!”

, August 2017

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