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Kyle Sandburg

California, USA

Kyle first got started with Online Trading Academy in 2015 as a Student Support Specialist in San Diego. He began taking classes and rose quickly through the curriculum, soon becoming an OTA Mastermind student trading Forex, futures and options.

Now as an Instructor, Kyle’s goal is for students who complete Core Strategy with him is to be well prepared for the next step in their trading journey. No matter what asset class they pursue next, the ability to read a chart and identify supply and demand are essential skills.

Kyle’s Why is to share the same excitement he experienced when he first came to OTA. His greatest joy is when students have an “aha” moment and he knows he has had an impact their path to greater understanding of the markets.


  • Majored in Business, Boise State University
  • Sous Chef at major catering company
  • Student Support Specialist, OTA Global Territories & OTA San Diego


  • US Markets


  • Stocks


  • Student Support Specialist of the Year 2018
  • Mastermind Community member
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