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After earning his double Master’s degree, Kartik Manek began investing in the equity markets with the goal of mixing fundamentals with technical analysis. Then he came to Online Trading Academy and discovered the power of a simple, rules-based strategy focused solely on price action.

As an Online Trading Academy Instructor, Kartik is guided by a single, powerful thought: Follow a disciplined mechanical trading process and look for big profits and small losses. The law of probability will make one a profitable trader. He advises his students to utilize a systematic plan that will eventually help them achieve their financial goals.

Kartik believes the reason so many people fail in trading is because they cannot give up on their ego. His personal “Why” is to influence his students’ lives for the better by teaching well, so he can be content in his own life.


  • MBA in Finance, Rochester Institute Of Technology, USA
  • Master’s in Financial Markets, UCLA, USA
  • Master’s in Commerce, Mumbai University
  • Partner in family real estate business


  • Indian Markets


  • Stocks


  • Hobbies include running marathons, reading, travel


Mumbai, India

What Students Are Saying

“I have been trading since 2 years and experience is not so good. After taking this session, and especially Kartik's method of teaching, I can see many of my mistakes that could have saved me not only money but emotional disturbance also. Kartik is great at teaching and very good at fundamentals which is most important in this business. I really feel great that I have attended this and will strongly advise anyone who is passionate about trading.”

, September 2018

“I, Sambasiva Neerumalla, am new to trading and have attended "Core Strategy Review" in July 2018 with the Instructor Karthik Manek. He is an excellent instructor. He taught the fundamentals very well. He had very good knowledge and working experience. He had observed slow learners, came down to very low level (to the slow learner) explained with lot of patience till each understood and explained very simple queries as well. Overall take aways are understanding the concepts, practice, have discipline & follow the taught process religiously. Overall it is superb.”

, July 2018

“OTA, these three words are like the mecca of trading. This is the best class I attended, hands down, and is a must for everyone who is trading financial markets or wants to trade financial markets. Our instructor, Kartik sir was a wonderful teacher who taught us all the concepts in a very easy manner, and he helped us understand the psychology of a good trader. Apart from that, he made us believe that more than using complex method, but doing the simple sound technique again and again, is the secret to success. Finally, thank you, OTA and Kartik sir, for enlightening me with knowledge.”

, July 2018

“The quality of training given by Kartik Manek is outstanding. The psychology and process has been taught in a very simple manner. It's amazing to see his level of commitment, interest and patience.”

, July 2018

“It was a great learning experience. Learnt about many new updates to the core strategy, since I did this re-take after a long time. Kartik has the knack of explaining things lucidly while keeping it simple. Appreciate his stress on following a disciplined process.”

, June 2018

“Yes, I really enjoyed because Kartik sir teaching was very good, and I want that Kartik should not leave OTA because he is very approachable person and very good human being. He has making us a perfect professional trader.”

, April 2018

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