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Kapil Mokashi started his career at Sharekhan Ltd, India’s leading broking house (brokerage). He was first an Equity Advisor and then a Market Analyst responsible for finding high probability trade recommendations. He became increasingly aware of the limitations of conventional technical analysis and realized Online Trading Academy’s core strategy was a better way to time the markets.

Having made the switch to become an Online Trading Academy Instructor, Kapil advises students that markets are smart at finding your inherent weakness. To become a successful trader, you need a simple, rules-based approach and the discipline to stick to your approach and avoid temptation.

Kapil likes Online Trading Academy for the fact its instructors are also active traders. He himself trades equity futures for weekly income and commodity futures for daily and hourly income.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Mumbai University
  • MBA in Marketing and Finance, Mumbai University


  • Indian Markets


  • Graduate Programs - India
  • Stocks


  • CMT (Chartered Market Technician), Market Technical Association, USA
  • CFP (Certified Financial Planner), FPSB


Maharashtra, India

What Students Are Saying

“Really good, Kapil is very down to earth.”

, November 2019

“Kapil Mokashi's style of teaching is awesome.”

, October 2019

“No doubt Kapil Sir is an excellent instructor. He has given his best. Really explained each and every topic beyond any doubt. Hats off to him.”

, August 2019

“Experience is truly nice…learned things which makes us a professional trader. Kapil Sir was instructor for the futures trader and personally find myself lucky to get a training under his excellence.”

, August 2019

“Very well-explained with lots of hands-on trading experience. Our instructor Mr. Kapil Mokashi explained the concepts in a very simple and lucid manner. Our doubts…were answered with patience and examples. I now feel confident of carrying forward the learning into my trading life.”

, July 2019

“A very dedicated, committed professional, Mr. Kapil Mokashi is very patient and very quick to grasp the learning difficulties of a student. Very competent in the subject, tons of practical experience. One learns the importance of PATIENCE and SYSTEMATIC APPROACH from Kapil. ”

, June 2019

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