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Jordan Matthews discovered the power of trading at a young age when he and his parents made a very successful investment. He immediately contacted Online Trading Academy and signed up for every live course available which he completed one after another, giving himself no days off. He became an advocate of our core strategy as a Student Support Specialist and now is also an Instructor.

In his spare time Jordan is a DJ and film editor—two professions that involve constructing stories and sharing them with others. He uses the same talent in his classes to demystify what the charts are telling us. Students will benefit from his professional experience trading futures, options and stocks and his understanding of risk management and probability.

As a trend follower and fortune cookie aficionado, he likes to say that “we cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails.” The trader’s job is not to predict market direction but rather let it tell its story and give us direction. Since trading changed his own life, he is fulfilled by helping others change their lives as well.


  • Graduated high school at 16
  • Managed two businesses
  • Spent a year in Shanghai trading currencies and editing a documentary
  • Traded futures and options professionally at a private fund
  • Student Support Specialist, OTA


  • US Markets


  • Stocks


  • DJ, film editor & music video editor (clients: Natalie Merchant, Blondie & others)
  • Licensed drone pilot; shoots aerial footage for use in motion pictures
  • Loves to travel & hopes to spend a week in every major city on the planet


Denver, USA

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