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Jon Arginteanu has been actively trading since 1981, and brings that extensive experience to his Online Trading Academy students, as well as insights from his career in the investment and banking industry.

Jon has acquired his trading skills from expert professional traders and from his extensive personal experience. His trading principles stress the necessity of emotional control, strict risk management, and discipline to wait for the highest probability trading opportunities. He believes instructing students in professional trading techniques reinforces the same practices in his personal trading activity.

Jon’s experience spans a period where telephones and face to face trading on the exchange floor was the most common method of transaction, compared to the electronic marketplace of today. He is committed to teaching students strategies to trade in today's market with passion and dedication using OTA's meticulously developed education platform.


  • Held senior positions with investment and commercial banks including: Merrill Lynch, ABN AMRO, and BNP Paribas as CEO of a brokerage and trading subsidiary
  • Floor Trader on the NY Mercantile Exchange for 14 years


  • US Markets


  • Futures
  • Stocks


New York, NY

What Students Are Saying

“I really liked how John Arginteanu taught the class. His voice and demeanor were perfect for listening to all day without getting bored. He also knows his stuff. I enjoyed how he would interject his personal experiences into the instruction to help drive the point home. I definitely feel he should keep instructing!!”

, August 2019

“This was a great learning opportunity. Having an instructor from within the industry with so much experience made it more realistic and believable that you could actually apply this training and be successful if you follow the rules. Golf clap to John for a very eye-opening experience.”

, August 2019

“I love Jon Arginteanu's approach and critical thinking when it comes to placing zones and simplifying the charts into understandable levels for everyone in the class. His experience with the markets definitely makes him an expert in working with the markets and finding and showing things that the novice would miss. He has been beyond helpful in my understanding of the class.”

, August 2019

“As a newbie, I truly appreciated the instructor Jon who was very patient and helped make things as simple as possible. Although I still have more to learn, I learned a lot from this class.”

, July 2019

“Jon Arginteanu's prior experience on Wall Street was a great value add to this class. He clearly broke down each section of the curriculum and had wonderful stories and analogies to reinforce core concepts. Having CliK available to find and plan trades was surprisingly simple and effective. In addition, Matt McGrath's help building my trade plan and guiding me through my education options step-by-step during the class was invaluable.”

, July 2019

“Very professional, team building atmosphere. The instructor was extremely thorough to make sure we understood the concepts and reasons for them.”

, April 2019

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