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John has been a trader for nearly 30 years, starting while he was still in college. Through most of his career he was a floor trader in oil and gas futures, and he has also worked as an “EDF Man” specializing in natural gas commodities.

As an Online Trading Academy Instructor, John Rowland offers priceless real world experience that helps his student see the big picture of economic conditions and how they translate into low risk, high potential trading opportunities. He believes there is always an opportunity in the futures market for traders who do their homework.

John’s favorite moment as a teacher is “watching the light bulb come on in my students’ eyes” when they understand how supply and demand can translate into winning trades.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Rollins College 
  • 17-year member of NYMEX 
  • member of education and settlement committees 
  • Head trader and floor manager at a natural gas trading firm


  • US Markets


  • Futures


  • Former holder of Series 3 license 
  • Recipient of Dale Carnegie Award 
  • Avid skier and golfer


Pennsylvania, USA

What Students Are Saying

“John Rowland overwhelmed us with great, timely info and drew a group of strangers into a unified team of junior, pro-traders. Well done, John.”

, May 2018

“John is an excellent instructor and His presentation was excellent, particularly for the beginning futures trader. John knows trading inside out from a long experience; and he is very skilled at teaching and explaining the OTA material in a very systematic and organized fashion that students can relate to. His Trend now becomes our friend too.”

, May 2018

“As a previous student of Futures, this was a retake for me to refine and get another perspective on the Futures Market. I must say, John Rowland was truly amazing. Exactly what I was looking for. He is a superb teacher and his passion to share his knowledge and experience was greatly appreciated!! My knowledge of basic core principles was strengthened and my breadth of the Futures market expanded even more. I've got so much more to learn but must say, I feel like the foundation was reinforced with sound and sage wisdom from a Master! THANKS, JOHN!!”

, May 2018

“John is an amazing instructor with in-depth knowledge of the markets. He was very engaging and shared some amazing and humorous stories of his days as a pit trader. He looked at the subtle nuances and realistic applications of core strategy which I found very useful. A fantastic week!”

, April 2018

“John delivered his class in truly the best way to learn all about futures; would thoroughly recommend. Probably the best instructor I have experienced.”

, April 2018

“John Rowland made everything so easy to understand. His examples were superb and made the course really nail down the Futures concepts.”

, March 2018

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