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John Napolitano began his investing career in 1996, first as an operations specialist then junior trader for a global asset management firm. Over the next few years he worked his way up to a position as head trader with assets under management of $40 billion. In 2009 he became senior trader at another firm, responsible for both Asian and U.S. markets. More recently he has been trading his own capital in the options and equities markets.

As an Online Trading Academy instructor, John says his investment philosophy is to always challenge yourself, be humble, and be willing to learn new things. If you are losing sleep at night, you're likely not following your trading plan. Instead of focusing on a single trade, remain balanced and thoughtful with an understanding that consistency is key.

Because John is a former institutional trader, students can expect to learn how important it is to be on the correct side of a trade, as well as develop the skills necessary to identify institutional unfilled orders. Due to his 20+ years of experience, students can also expect lots of useful advice, encouragement, and honest feedback.


  • BS in Accounting, Fordham University
  • MBA in Finance, Manhattan College


  • US Markets


  • Stocks


  • Completed Level 1 of the CFA examination


New York, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Our instructor, John Napolitano, was extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the Core Strategy material and patiently reviewed all of the key aspects, processes and rules each day for re-enforcement”

, January 2020

“The instructor is thorough and patient enough with repeated explanations, making sure that everyone understands the topic before proceeding to a new one.”

, December 2019

“I enjoyed the manner in which the material was presented. the instructor was quite engaging and took the time to explain.”

, November 2019

“Class was active and the instructor was excellent. John is very helpful and patient.”

, November 2019

“The instructor made himself available to help students understand every step of the Core Strategy process. He offered time before and after class to help anyone in areas where they wished to go over.”

, November 2019

“John Napolitano came to the class with many years of trading experience which put the class in a very comfortable status. His insights kept the class listening to all his comments and details. His experience actually reinforced the value of the course and CliK.”

, October 2019

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