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After a brief career as a professional hockey player, Jerry Baldwin began trading stocks in 2001. He pursued trading education from the very beginning and believes that training is key to a successful investing and trading career. He added options and then futures to his trading expertise and has completed coursework in all three asset classes at Online Trading Academy.

Jerry’s philosophy is to have a simple trading plan and stick to it. This applies to any trading style and all timeframes, from momentum trading to investing for retirement security. Students who attend his classes can expect an energetic, hands-on learning experience.

Jerry has been an Online Trading Academy Instructor since 2009. He enjoys being part of a community of successful, concerned people who are committed to excellence.


  • Bachelor’s Degree Business Administration, St. Mary’s University
  • Professional athlete
  • Small business owner
  • Nationally certified personal trainer


  • US Markets


  • Futures


  • CES Certified
  • Frequent guest on Trader’s Television, a national investing show
  • Power Trading Radio guest


Illinois, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Jerry actually motivated me to change my trading plan. My original plan was to be a swing trader, but I will now day trade. I really appreciate the narrow focus Jerry brought to his training. I learned to use a couple analysis techniques to greatly increase the probability of winning trades as well as focus on a very narrow group of assets. Now I have to practice, practice, practice, but I have the confidence that I will consistently make successful trades.”

, September 2017

“Jerry Baldwin's knowledge was very apparent and he was extremely qualified to teach the material. His method of presentation was very pleasant and easy to understand, however some people in the class seemed confused the first day or so as they tried to make a direct correlation or step from the Core Strategy class they had just completed. This did come together as days progressed and Jerry demonstrated his initial consideration of all the aspects of Core Strategy before applying his methods and determining trades. His ability to connect with each student was exceptional and he dealt with everyone as a group and individual as required to bring the class along in understanding the materials of the course and his methods and techniques which supplement the curriculum. He's a great asset for OTA.”

, August 2017

“The instructor was very intuitive. He spent as much time as necessary with each student. He was very knowledgeable but explained things in details we understood. He also made the class very fun. He's a keeper.”

, August 2017

“Jerry Baldwin paid attention to every student and answered all questions in clear form. His knowledge of the subject was obvious. And he introduced us to a very practical morning routine.”

, August 2017

“I thoroughly enjoyed my class with Jerry. He taught me some outstanding techniques that are easy to apply. He listened and answered my questions in a quality way. I thoroughly enjoyed his class and would highly recommended it to anyone. Jerry did an outstanding job.”

, July 2017

“Enthusiastic, professional, and knowledgeable with great presentation skills.”

, July 2017

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