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After a brief career as a professional hockey player, Jerry Baldwin began trading stocks in 2001. He pursued trading education from the very beginning and believes that training is key to a successful investing and trading career. He added options and then futures to his trading expertise and has completed coursework in all three asset classes at Online Trading Academy.

Jerry’s philosophy is to have a simple trading plan and stick to it. This applies to any trading style and all timeframes, from momentum trading to investing for retirement security. Students who attend his classes can expect an energetic, hands-on learning experience.

Jerry has been an Online Trading Academy Instructor since 2009. He enjoys being part of a community of successful, concerned people who are committed to excellence.


  • Bachelor’s Degree Business Administration, St. Mary’s University
  • Professional athlete
  • Small business owner
  • Nationally certified personal trainer


  • US Markets


  • Futures
  • Mastermind Community


  • CES Certified
  • Frequent guest on Trader’s Television, a national investing show
  • Power Trading Radio guest


Illinois, USA

What Students Are Saying

“My OTA Futures Class instructor (JB) I attended with this week is awesome. The course materials are covered during the class sessions in such a way that the book is not being read, instead you are afforded with the strategy, techniques and applications (interactive/hands-on). I call this the magic recipe. Now the odds are in my favor, to turn this magic recipe into a winning lottery ticket. The next step is putting in time (practice) and apply the technique. Thank you, OTA and JB!”

, November 2018

“Jerry was/is by far such an amazing trainer! Jerry was able to break down complex formulas to the simplest from. I am so grateful for the camaraderie and the attention he offers to each student. I appreciate the staff for always making this environment amazing!”

, October 2018

“This class with Jerry Baldwin enabled me to acquire the basic tools and confidence to start trading this week. I didn't have a starting place to implement the core strategies I've learned before this class. Jerry offered a strategy that is understandable and implementable. ”

, August 2018

“This was the best use of my time and money this year. I grew light years in my trading knowledge and know I have improved each day! Jerry Baldwin instructing was fantastic, everyone felt engaged and encouraged to ask any questions they may have had. It was really one of the best learning experiences I've had in several years!”

, August 2018

“Support staff is very helpful and considerate. The instructor was to the point without wasting time on unnecessary issues. He gave us invaluable knowledge on indicators and utilizing the ATR and overnight markets, and then assured we had plenty of time to practice using what he taught us.”

, August 2018

“Jerry Baldwin is a great teacher! Thanks for all the information. Was a fun week to learn.”

, August 2018

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