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Jeremiah Chronister started his trading career at the earliest possible moment, opening his first Forex (FX) account when he turned 18. He studied finance and marketing in college, then joined a major FX broker-dealer where he refined his trading skills, learned about automated trading and worked with some of the biggest players in the FX space.

As on Online Trading Academy Instructor, Jeremiah specializes in teaching aspiring traders how to trade the Forex markets. He believes a trader’s fastest path to consistent profitability is to keep things simple, maintain positivity and confidence, have a blueprint for generating a directional bias and have a game plan for potential outcomes and scenarios before they occur.

Jeremiah’s passion and motivational style make it easy for students to stay engaged while developing new trading skills in a fun and exciting environment. He promises that any class with him will be active, entertaining and a learning adventure.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Finance and Marketing, Baldwin Wallace University
  • Credit Manager, Client Relationship Manager, Programming Consultant & Technical Support Specialist, Wells Fargo Bank & FXCM


  • US Markets


  • Forex


  • Series 3, 34 licenses (expired)
  • Active charity supporter/volunteer, North Texas Food Bank
  • 3-sport high school athlete, College football player


Texas, USA

What Students Are Saying

“The content was great. The instructor did a fantastic job explaining and demonstrating how to do trades.”

, September 2018

“I really enjoyed Jeremiah's relaxed down to earth teaching style. He provided a great learning experience for me to only now build on and improve.”

, August 2018

“I would recommend for anyone taking this class to wait until after Core and make sure they are totally familiar with all the terminology and are comfortable identifying and drawing their zones and curve. JC is a great instructor and extremely knowledgeable on everything to do with Forex and the platforms used. ”

, August 2018

“Our instructor, Jeremiah Chronister, was excellent. He was able to impart to us his extensive knowledge of the Forex markets and, as always, gave us some of his tricks to read charts and the relevant news and economic forecasts. I am eager to put all I have learned into action and begin making money day trading Forex. Thanks Jeremiah!!”

, July 2018

“A week long Forex course can be daunting and intimidating. Jeremiah is quite animated and passionate and therefore keeps the students engaged. He certainly knows the topic and helps understand the fluctuations and how to capitalize on them. He is motivational and supportive as we make both good and not so good trades. He embraces the core OTA principles and applies them in the course.”

, April 2018

“After the Core class I was feeling strong about trading, but I had never felt so confident in trading forex from the first day of my first asset class, which was Forex. Jeremiah Chronister boosted my confidence 1000% by passing his knowledge, along with OTA curriculum.”

, April 2018

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