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Jeremiah Chronister started his trading career at the earliest possible moment, opening his first Forex (FX) account when he turned 18. He studied finance and marketing in college, then joined a major FX broker-dealer where he refined his trading skills, learned about automated trading and worked with some of the biggest players in the FX space.

As on Online Trading Academy Instructor, Jeremiah specializes in teaching aspiring traders strategies for trading the Forex markets. He believes in keeping things simple, maintaining positivity, developing confidence and having a blueprint for generating a directional bias with a game plan for potential outcomes and scenarios before they occur.

Jeremiah’s passion and motivational style make it easy for students to stay engaged while developing new trading skills in a fun and exciting environment. He promises that any class with him will be active, entertaining and a learning adventure.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Finance and Marketing, Baldwin Wallace University
  • Credit Manager, Client Relationship Manager, Programming Consultant & Technical Support Specialist, Wells Fargo Bank & FXCM


  • US Markets


  • Forex


  • Active charity supporter/volunteer, North Texas Food Bank
  • 3-sport high school athlete, College football player


Texas, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Jeremiah Chronister does an excellent job presenting the info and is very knowledgeable on subject matter.”

, October 2019

“Jeremiah is an awesome teacher and very personable. He knows how to communicate complex ideas in a simple way to the students. He teaches class in an entertaining way as well!”

, October 2019

“Jeremiah Chronister has a good trader mentality. He knows how to explain terms and strategies in a tangible form. A very different style, but it is hands on and makes you understand Forex better. He encourages you to think trading versus “let me go over all the rules and listen to everything before you trade.” Jeremiah makes you want to trade Forex and not wait around for......truly learnt a lot and would recommend anyone to take his class. Thank you, Jeremiah!”

, October 2019

“Our instructor for Forex, Jeremiah Chronister, was very engaged with the class as a whole and provided individual attention when required. He was able to break down complex concepts in a short amount of time.”

, August 2019

“Jeremiah was extremely knowledgeable and all aspects of his presentation were concise and educational.”

, August 2019

“Jeremiah Chronister is a great Forex instructor. I enjoyed being in his class.”

, August 2019

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