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Jeff Warner

New York

Jeff wanted to follow in the footsteps of his family and started trading while at college. During the Global Financial Crisis, he moved to Texas and joined the oil and gas industry where he gathered a group of investors who wanted to own oil rigs. Throughout this time, he kept on trading, but it was the education at Online Trading Academy that gave him the knowledge and skills to trade more proficiently and with a plan. To him, trading provides the perfect environment to understand the markets which is one of the most important forces that affect everyday life.

As a life-long and dedicated athlete, Jeff’s teaching style reflects the traits of the inspiring coaches he encountered while playing sports at the highest level. He is direct, and focuses on discipline and repetition, so traders can navigate the markets in times of high emotion. In life, both personally and professionally, he seeks to pursue his passions and opportunities for success with enthusiasm and commitment, and consistently brings that to his teaching style.

B.S. in Economics  – University of Connecticut


B.S. in Economics - University of Connecticut
OTA Workshop Presenter
OTA Student Support Manager


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