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Jeff Manson has been trading since 1997. His experience is broad-based, and he actively trades equities, futures, commodities, bonds, currencies, E-Mini’s and options. Jeff uses his personal trading experience to teach students how to apply Online Trading Academy’s core strategy using a step by step trading plan. After completing an Online Trading Academy course with Jeff as your Instructor, you will have the tools and skills to: Develop your own trading plan – specific to you - consistent with your objectives and life-style, know what you should be trading, know you are focusing on the right trades, know when to get in and out of that trade, know how to trade the “right” side of the chart – not what has happened, but what has a high probability of happening, understand the bad habits and/or psychology that keep you from reaching your trading goals, make your trading mechanical in nature and minimize the emotions that come with trading and understand why the market moves when it does.

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  • Author of two trading books
  • Designed and conducted trading courses for large groups
  • Conducted online chat rooms and webinars
  • Guest speaker at various trader events
  • CES Certified
  • Power Trading Radio guest
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California, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Jeff is very knowledgeable and also very patient and caring for the learning of his students. I had a very lovely class experience. It's amazing how he can make you see the same things in a new light. Very clear in his explanations and uses a lot of good examples.”

, March 2018

“Jeff Manson was everything I was expecting from an OTA instructor. He coached us on the emotional side, how to start small but guarantee the profits to build up confidence. In sum, it was a great experience.”

, February 2018

“Jeff provided me with a platform and road map to success. Unlike most instructors, he provided specific verifiable ways to find zones on all time frames as well as ways of planning exits, anticipating on the right side of the graph and managing expectations - most valuable class I have done with OTA by far after 10 years.”

, February 2018

“Jeff's class has really been hands on. Jeff went well beyond the workbook and theory. He shared lots of valuable insights with us. These are extremely helpful to understand the broader picture. I have had a great week with much value added.”

, February 2018

“I would like to thank Jeff Manson for all of his generous teaching. He is not only an amazing trader but a kind person who offers a lot of personal insights and a lot of himself. We are all fortunate to have been in his class.”

, January 2018

“I took the Futures class with Jeff Manson, and all I have to say is that his knowledge and technique is life changing. In addition, he is an excellent instructor who is down to earth, relatable and humble. I was very impressed. ”

, January 2018

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