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Right out of college, Greg Hadley went to work at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange where he was a runner, pit, phone and out trade clerk, and eventually S&P 500 futures trader. He worked his way up to become Executive Vice President at two separate trading firms, specializing in options and futures trading.

Greg believes that trading is all about self control, confidence and the ability to book small losses with an eye toward a much larger gain. Trading for a consistent profit is not easy, but with the right education one has a great foundation to work from. As an Instructor, he wants to share his expertise to help others realize success in the markets. He likes the fact that Online Trading Academy students get to see actual traders at work so they can see first hand how the pros do it.

He tells his students that trading is an art and, while it can be a tough row to hoe, Online Trading Academy will be there to support them. “At the end of the day," Greg says, “OTA really does care about its students. It’s a feeling throughout the organization, world wide.”


  • History Major with a minor in Army ROTC, Loyola University of Chicago
  • Options Market Maker, KC-CO, Chicago, IL
  • Executive Vice President/Trading Floor Operations/Options Prop Trader, SG Warburg and Salomon Brothers, Hong Kong
  • President/Trader at BNT LLC, a convertible bond hedge fund, Deerfield, IL
  • President at Index Futures Group/Bull and Bear Institute, Chicago, IL


  • US Markets


  • Options


  • Holds Series 65 license
  • Held Series 7 and 66 licenses
  • Prior trading memberships, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago Board Options Exchange & Hong Kong Futures Exchange
  • Media segments on options and trading for Salem Business Network and First Business News of Chicago
  • Options and futures instructor, Bull and Bear Institute of Chicago


Chicago, IL

What Students Are Saying

“Basic Options with Greg Hadley is fantastic. He masterfully inputs his passion with OTA requirements.”

, July 2018

“Greg Hadley is a GREAT teacher. He has a wonderfully warm personality and a resoundingly evident mastery of the subject matter. His presentations were always clear and concise sprinkled with the added bonus of a lot of humor. He is by far one of the best instructors I've had here at OTA!!!!”

, July 2018

“This class was great. Greg not only taught us all of the basics that are in the manual, but he also taught us many things that he has learned over the years. He was very good at going between what was taught in the manual as well as being practical on how to use it in every day options trading.”

, July 2018

“Our instructor, Greg Hadley was very professional, expert and patient with our questions. Finally Options have been demystified! I feel, with practice I will be able to successfully apply OTA strategies profitably and consistently.”

, June 2018

“The caliber of every instructor I have had at OTA has been very high, and Greg Hadley was no exception! Greg was highly motivated, engaged, informative, responsive and entertaining.”

, June 2018

“Greg H. is the only one that got me straight with options. Only he can break them down so I can see how it all works. The easy way! Thank you soooo much, my friend! You change my world. Thanks, Greg!”

, May 2018

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