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Evan started trading in 2005, which led him down a series of rabbit holes from reading books on trading to attending many classes and seminars. College and spending a short time in the wealth management industry also helped mold his viewpoints on how the markets really work. Due to the inconsistent results he was seeing, he sought out professional training. Evan came to Online Trading Academy to learn how to time his entries and exits better.

As an instructor, Evan conveys that trading is an enterprise of probabilities and patience. Traders must first identify where the banks and institutions are trading, which helps to reveal logical entry and exit points. Then, traders can wait for price to come to them so the trade can play out; this is when patience is especially important.

Students who take a class with Evan can expect to have key concepts presented in a clear and simple way. His goal is to provide a strong foundation so students can learn the nuances of the markets, act on what they've learned and build on that knowledge as they move on to more advanced trading strategies. His “why” is to help position students to reach their goals using the same principles that he does in his own life, enabling the ability to enjoy financial flexibility.


  • BSBA in Finance and Banking, Appalachian State University
  • Worked at large wealth management firm in New York
  • Student Support Specialist, OTA, New York & Charlotte


  • US Markets


  • Trading Platforms
  • Wealth Management


  • Volunteer at church
  • College football enthusiast


North Carolina, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Evan is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of OTA. He can handle any computer issue that comes his way and doesn't have to take time out of class by finding another resource. The pace of his class was exceptional.”

, November 2019

“Our instructor was highly knowledgeable about the course. He also has "skin in the game." The same strategies he taught he uses. He was very eager to help during practice labs. I feel empowered to do a self-directed account.”

, October 2019

“Ethan is an extremely patient instructor who takes the time to answer questions and teaches the class at a good pace, making sure everyone understands the lessons. I believe I got the tools and direction I need to better manage my retirement accounts and reach my financial goals. Ethan provided additional tools and work processes/workflows to really aid in the understanding and practice necessary for PAI.”

, October 2019

“Evan is a very patient and knowledgeable instructor. I enjoyed his presentation style and ability to address concerns and issues in question from all class members.”

, August 2019

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