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Eric Waddell

Florida, USA

Eric Waddell has been trading since 1996 and teaches with Online Trading Academy periodically. He has developed various strategies in the equities, Forex and futures markets - recognizing the need to become a complete market speculator in order to help mitigate risk and maximize trading opportunities.

Eric has a very unique teaching style. Rather than simply jumping right into the curriculum, he lays a very logical, coherent foundation for the class which sets the tone for the entire week; touching on the important parts of the class right away in an easy to understand format and then reiterating those points many times throughout the week to ensure that every student "gets it." Eric makes every class not only educational, but fun as well. It is this approach which has garnered praise from his students worldwide as he is consistently a top ranked Instructor in the network according to the student surveys.

What Eric seeks to accomplish with each class is to explain seemingly complicated material in a manner that a complete neophyte to trading could understand. Eric always says that, "the concepts in your workbooks are the easy part, the hard part is overcoming the psychological aspects of trading." As a result, Eric spends quite a bit of time focusing his classes on trader psychology, risk management and discussing what NOT to do with regards to trading, not just what to do, in an engaging and down to earth manner. Eric prides himself on delivering classes which are fresh, innovative and original.


  • While teaching in India, created the “team” live trading classroom format now in wide use throughout OTA centers
  • Discovered an easier way to locate supply and demand zones through the use of ‘Overlapping Candles’ - then introduced the concept in classroom and Mastermind Clubhouse sessions – also used widely now in classrooms and XLTs
  • Contributed to a major international trading periodical


  • US Markets


  • Graduate Programs


  • Power Trading Radio guest
  • 2010 Rookie Instructor of the Year
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