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Eric Moles is a lover of the outdoors and tried a variety of adventure jobs before discovering trading. He now he shares his enthusiasm for the markets as an Online Trading Academy instructor.

Eric was self-taught initially, in the school of hard knocks before receiving an invitation from OTA and taking the Pro Trader class in 2007. He first traded stocks, then added options and futures to his portfolio and skillsets. He believes slow and steady wins the race so investors need to have self-discipline and a rules-based strategy.

Students in Eric’s classes will take away the belief that patience, persistence and perfect practice are the constant companions of the educated trader. As someone who has been in their shoes as a beginning trader, he invests the time to make sure the concepts are understood.


  • BS in Recreation Management, University of Montana
  • Ski patroller and National Park Service Ranger
  • Airline pilot and flight instructor


  • US Markets


  • Stocks


  • Paragliding and skiing


Utah, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Eric Moles was an excellent instructor. He took much time helping the students.”

, November 2019

“Eric Moles has a very relaxed manner which makes the Core Strategy class both informative and entertaining and makes learning fun.”

, August 2019

“VERY PROFESSIONAL, knowledgeable, and precise in his teaching style...GREAT sense of humor and gave us a lot of freedom to express ourselves...VERY patient and ALWAYS took time to give a PROFESSIONAL and quality answer. GREAT his style a LOT!!!”

, August 2019

“Eric was very knowledgeable and courteous. He was willing to answer questions and take extra time if anyone had a problem. He made sure we had a good understanding of the concept before moving on to the next concept.”

, August 2019

“Eric is a great instructor, very personable and patiently answered all questions raised. Very knowledgeable in this subject matter.”

, February 2019

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