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Edmond Gutknecht fell in love with trading at the age of 16, and this passion led him to be hired as one of the first support specialists at the OTA Atlanta campus. Working with and helping over a hundred students overcome their limitations, he became acutely aware of the challenges new traders face. Now that he is an Online Trading Academy Instructor, he teaches students how to anticipate and deal with those same challenges.

Edmond teaches a process-oriented methodology that rewards trade consistency rather than trade outcome. He focuses on the true art of trading and shines light on many of the psychological market traps traders find themselves in. He leads by example, continually improving his own techniques, and communicating his success to students to motivate them in their trading.

Edmond considers trading “the fulfillment of a dream” and enjoys sharing his enthusiasm so that his students will not only become profitable in the markets, but have a good time while they are developing their skills.


  • Student Support Specialist, OTA Atlanta
  • Support Manager, OTA Atlanta
  • General Manager, OTA Atlanta Center


  • US Markets


  • Stocks
  • Trading Platforms


  • Online Trading Academy graduate


Georgia, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Edmond is the consummate professional who obviously loves teaching. His knowledge is impeccable. Edmond's presentation just clicked with everyone which resulted in grabbing our attention and engagement. Management Style - all I can say is he was on time and it worked well!”

, September 2018

“The class was taught by Edmond Gutknecht and was presented in an easy to understand dialogue, to where even a new trader can grasp and learn to win.”

, September 2018

“Edmond is a very knowledgeable and capable instructor. He answered all questions and gave examples that everyone could relate to.”

, May 2018

“This course was very informative. The instructor was great at ensuring that everyone was on the same page, had all of their questions answered and felt as comfortable as possible by the time we left. ”

, April 2018

“He was very informative and kind. He gave his attention to the class and was able to help all of us.”

, March 2018

“The instructor explained very well and clearly, I really enjoyed his class and he answered all my questions... Great instructor!!!!”

, March 2018

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