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Ed Ponsi

Pennsylvania, USA

Ed Ponsi became a financial advisor in 1998 and graduated to Wall Street trader in 1999.  He began trading Forex in 2004, and it has been his preferred asset class ever since. In addition, he is a business owner and real estate investor.

As an Online Trading Academy Instructor, Ed shares his deep experience and knowledge with students in his Forex classes. He recommends Forex for its simplicity, its pure application of supply and demand rules-based trading strategy, and the fact that the markets are open virtually around the clock.


  • Equities, Forex and Real Estate Trader/Investor 
  • Trader at a Wall Street firm


  • US Markets


  • Forex


  • Certified Market Technician (CMT) 
  • Frequent appearances on CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg Television 
  • Publisher of three books via Wiley Finance
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