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Dan Sugar is a third generation Chicago floor trader whose grandfather was at the Chicago Butter and Egg Board for twenty years, which became the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in 1919. His father, Justin, started at the Chicago Board of Trade in 1950 and was a broker and trader in the Corn, Wheat and Soybean pits, retiring in 1982.

Dan has several years experience as a floor trader but decided to change paths and began trading Stocks, Futures, Options and Forex Currencies from the screen.

His mechanical approach to risk management is designed to maximize opportunities by taking the emotion out of trading. He understands that for traders to be successful, they must develop their own specific trading plan and style consistent with their personality, objectives and risk temperament. In its purest form, trading comes down to risk vs. return.

Dan derives great professional and personal satisfaction from helping students at Online Trading Academy take responsibility and control of their future. His goal as an Online Trading Academy Instructor is to help students gain financial independence by sharing his vast knowledge and real world experiences, as well as giving Online Trading Academy students the rules and tools which have been developed to help them become successful.

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  • Former Runner for E. F. Hutton
  • Traded 30 year Treasury Futures and Dow Jones stock-index futures on the Chicago Board of Trade floor


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Florida, USA

What Students Are Saying

“Dan Sugar continues to demonstrate why he's one of my favorite instructors.”

, August 2019

“Dan is the best instructor of all time. His knowledge and experience is a great asset. Dan showed us a lot of extra web sites that would be helpful in getting organized and ready for trading.”

, August 2019

“Dan Sugar is a wealth of knowledge about the "Market" and is able to connect it to the course material in a very approachable down to earth way. Loved the live online examples he walked us through of what to look for on a chart, what it is showing you and how to take action on what you find.”

, June 2019

“Dan was truly expert in the subject and clearly a dedicated teacher. He was always careful to make sure all students were keeping up with the class, whatever the prior level of knowledge of trading. He was a pleasure to work with, and I would certainly recommend him to anyone else seeking to learn this material. ”

, June 2019

“Dan Sugar has an enormous amount of experience and is a natural born teacher. I learn a lot from listening to him analyze the charts.”

, June 2019

“Dan Sugar is a credit to the OTA staff. His presentation and professionalism scores a 10 with me. ”

, June 2019

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